The Batman — Saturday Night At the Movies

"The Batman" is the latest DC film and so far, one of the best. It's dark, gritty, grounded, and a ton of fun.

The Contractor | Saturday Night at the Movies

The Contractor might not be a re-watch movie but it's worth a first watch for action buffs who like gun scenes mixed with hand-to-hand combat.

The Highwaymen: Telling it Straight on Bonnie and Clyde

Great acting, sweet cars, and even sweeter firearms — the Netflix Original The Highwaymen is all that and more, turning the “folk hero” story of Bonnie and Clyde on its head.

Army of the Dead — A Bloated Zombie Mess

Army of the Dead hit Netflix last year like a brick through a window. It's spawned an entire franchise, but is it worth watching?

Netflix Movie Night – The Siege of Jadotville

The Siege of Jadotville was a low-key surprise a few years ago. It's a war flick full of guns, action, and lots of European steel.

The King’s Man — a Prequel No One Asked For

The King's Man is the preqeul to the Kingsmen, a campy, action spy romp. The newest incarnation takes us back to the birth of modern war.

Big Damn Deagle: Reacher and His Hand Cannon

Amazon's Reacher just started streaming. Pike zoomed through it fast. Here's a peek at the Reacher Desert Eagle: his "Deagle" hand cannon.

Nobody — Saturday Night at the Movies

Nobody came out of left field. Who would put Bob Odenkirk in an action flick? Well, it turned out to be a damn good idea.

Saturday Night At the Movies — The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections has hit the it any good? Better question, are the guns cool, and is the action slick?

No Time To Die — Saturday Night at the Movies

The latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, promises plenty of guns, girls, and bad guys. Does it stand up? Let's find out.

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