Joel Nadler is the Training Director at Indy Arms Company in Indianapolis and co-owner of Tactical Training Associates.  He writes for several gun-focused publications and is an avid supporter of the right to self-sufficiency, including self-defense. Formerly a full professor, he has a Ph.D. in Psychology and now works as a senior consultant living on a horse ranch in rural Indiana.  Feel free to follow him on Instagram @TacticalPhD.

Arizona Tactical Adventures: Black Ops Experience and 3-Day Team Training

Arizona Tactical Adventures offers an awesome night vision package, but also can create a tailored training course to your personal needs. Here's how it went.

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry: A Conflicted Examination

The tactical advantages of concealed carry are clear to most people. However, the social and political byproducts that come with out-of-sight carry are something to consider.

Emergency Preparation: A Top 10 List for Building a Library of Resources

Emergency preparation includes more than supplies. It also includes skills and a means to learn new skills. Here are 10 books to get you started.

Defensive Urban Rifle Class: A Weekend With John Farnam

The Defensive Urban Rifle class with John Farnum is an even mix of history, mindset, mechanical function, and defensive shooting techniques.

Concealed Carry Considerations: Before Carrying On Your Person

What do you do when the occasion demands something other than waist-based concealed carry? Here's a look at other on-body options, and their trade-offs.

Home Defense: Family Roles and Stress Points

How can you increase the success of your home defense plan? Consider these key questions and practice to identify potential issues. Training is key with multiple people in the house.

The G.L.O.C.K.s of Self Defense: Using a Model to Guide Training and Practice

The letters in Glock can be used as an acronym to define five areas of focus in training for self-defense. Here's how.

Innovation! But Who Are You Selling To?

Firearms innovation may seem slow, but it looks different when you think of the historical big picture. Also, not all innovations succeed. Is there a formula for successful innovation?

Emergency Preparedness: The Likelihood of Service Interruptions and How You Can Prepare

To design your emergency preparedness plans, the first step is to identify the severity of an emergency, followed by the likelihood, and then address what you would need to comfortably address the emergency.

Emergency Preparedness: Factors to Consider Before Bugging Out

There are several considerations to address in advance of a bug-out event, and a bug-out bag is just one part of your preparedness plan.

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