1791 Gunleather 4-Way Holster: Full Review

If you are choosing a leather holster, it’s probably not a random selection. It’s hard to ignore the craftsmanship of a well-made leather item. I have leather bags, gloves, shoes, belts, and of course, holsters. If taken care of, a good leather holster will last more than a lifetime. Every holster made by 1791 Gunleather carries a lifetime warranty and is made of 100% American leather.

1791 Gunleather IWB Holster: A Review

I carried several guns in the Fare Chase holster to see how well it worked with different ones. I would normally advise people to stay away from “multi-fit” holsters. But in this case, the guns listed by 1791 Gunleather fit like they were made for each other.

Safariland Holsters: ALS, SLS, QLS Explained

Glancing at Safariland holsters and all their acronyms can be a little confusing at first. But once you understand what those systems do and how the retention ratings work, it's quite simple. To help with this, I've put together a brief explanation of the three most common acronyms you see associated with Safariland holsters.

Safariland Species holster: Appendix and Strongside Carry for CCW

The Safariland Species holster is one of my favorite inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters ever to hit the market. It's comfortable, easy to conceal, and incredibly reliable. Take a look for yourself!

The Best P320 Holsters (By Purpose)

We've picked five of the best Sig Sauer P320 holsters, with each aimed at a specific purpose. Not everyone's needs are the same. We divided this category into five groups to bring you five holsters that are at the top of their genre.

A Deep-Dive into Safariland IWB Holsters

Safariland is the undisputed leader in Duty Holsters. They dominate OWB. But inside the waistband? That's a more complicated story. Now, though, new designs are changing the way people are thinking about Safariland and concealed carry.

DeSantis 2x2x2 Pouch: Convenient Spare Wheel Gun Ammo

Revolvers are a bit of a niche market and, for those carrying wheelguns, spare ammo is hard to conceal. The DeSantis 2x2x2 is a great solution that offers comfort, concealment, and convenience for diehard revolver fans.

Good’nuff Gun Belt Kit: Gone Too Soon

Some gun belts are good, others are good enough. The Arbor Arms Good'nuff gun belt fills a multi-purpose role for a simple belt that works. It doesn't do everything, but it definitely does 'nuff.

Safariland Incog X IWB Holster: A Haley Strategic Partners Collab

Looking for a solid and adaptable holster for in-waistband-carry? Safariland has teamed up with Haley Strategic Partners to bring a new version of the Incog. Incog X is changing the way people think about a company known for their Duty Rated holsters.

Safariland Holster QLS and VUBL Systems: A Hands-On Review

When it comes to holsters, Safariland is a household name. Duty holsters for cops, combat-style holsters for gun enthusiasts, and CCW holsters for everyday carry; Safariland does it all. Today, we'll discuss the Safariland QLS and VUBL holster systems.

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