The Unity Clutch — Jason Bourne’s Bellyband

The Unity Clutch is a multiuse tool designed for a wide variety of users. From concealed carry to police work, the Clutch has you covered. 

Pocket Carry vs Tuckable – Deep Carry Options

Deep concealment exists because certain clothes aren't carry-friendly. When you find yourself in a less-than-stellar means of dress, you aren't left with many options. The two that most people consider are pocket carry or a tuckable IWB rig.

The Galco Miami Classic 2: A Classic Shoulder Rig

The Galco Miami Classic 2 is still the standard when it comes to shoulder holsters, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon.

The DeSantis Nemesis: Still the Champ

The DeSantis Nemesis continues to stand as the go-to pocket holster for several reasons. It's affordable, easy to carry, and works wonderfully. It will likely hitch a ride with me for the foreseeable future.

Safariland QLS: Switch Your Holster in Seconds

The Safariland QLS system is a great way to change holsters without moving things around on your belt. If you want one holster (or multiple holsters) that can attach to multiple platforms, Safariland QLS is the best system out there.

The Blackhawk T-Series L2C: The LARP of My Dreams

This is an OWB rig designed to provide modern police and military forces with a duty-grade holster that offers active retention. It's also great for competition and LARPing.

DeSantis Woodsman Holster: 22LR Ready

The DeSantis Woodsman holster is designed for 22 LR target pistols. It is available in two models: one is optics-compatible and one is for guns without an optic.

Safariland Group Liberator HP 2.0 | Review

Safariland's HP Liberator 2.0 headset is made for professional end users and gun enthusiasts who want a high-quality headset with high-end electronics.

DeSantis Inside Heat Holster: A Glove For the Glock 43X!

The DeSantis Inside Heat leather holster for the Glock 43X is a minimalist IWB holster designed for quality, comfort, and function.

Better than a Bargain: Blackhawk A.R.C. Inside-The-Waistband Holster

With the increase in CCW popularity, Blackhawk expanded its footprint with a solid line of IWB and OWB options. One of those is the ARC Inside the Waistband Holster.

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