Helldivers 2: Seven Guns That Need to Be In Your Next Drop

Released in February 2024, Helldivers 2 has absolutely taken over gaming. The sequel to the top-down shooter from years ago was a surprise hit. The original game was a run multiplayer romp, but it didn't make a huge splash. The sequel completely revamped the game and provided us with a four-player cooperative multiplayer shooter with a third-person perspective and very addictive gameplay.

Going Akimbo: Is It Useful?

I can read lots and lots of historical accounts, and I can watch Myth Busters, but that doesn't mean anything unless I go out there and try it out myself. I started with the only 'pair' of guns I have, two Glock 17s. I loaded them up, set up two targets, and tried my best to see if I could control and handle both guns.

The Guns of Duke Nukem

As you'd imagine, Duke Nukem has his fair share of guns and gusto. Today we are going to cover Duke's guns, real and fantasy.

L.A. Noire — A Gun Guy Goes Gaming

To a degree, I assumed L.A. Noire would be an action game — a reverse Grand Theft Auto where you play as the cops stopping the bad guys. I was pleasantly surprised to find a game unlike any other.

War Thunder: The Most Expensive Free Game I’ve Ever Played

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on some big cultural phenomenon? That's how I felt when I fired up War Thunder.

Shadow Warrior 3 – Hold Onto Your Wang

Shadow Warrior 3 is a ton of fun to play. I enjoyed my time. However, it does have some problems. Wanna learn more? Read on for a full, in-depth review.

Onward VR — Gun Games Get Real

Onward is a slower-paced VR game that focuses more on realistic gameplay than run and gun. I fired it up on an Occulus Quest 2 for the last few weeks, and I've been testing my own mettle.

Atomic Heart — An Alternative History of the Soviet Union

Atomic Heart is very much a Bioshock-style shooter, and that's perfectly fine with me. It doesn't seem like we are getting a new Bioshock anytime soon. It's got a great story with a small but interesting upgradeable arsenal. And, you get Charles, your super-powered AI glove.

Max Payne 3 — A Gun Guy Goes Gaming

Max Payne 3 is a ton of fun. It takes you through diverse environments and the shoot-everything-that-moves attitude never gets old.

Homefront : The Revolution — Red Dawn The Game

Homefront Revolution is an open-world sandbox-style game. You're part of a small band of rebels who resist the North Korean occupation of the US.

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