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About the Springfield Hellcat

Specifically engineered for concealed carry and personal defense applications, the Springfield Armory® Hellcat® pistol is an affordable striker-fired pistol, built upon a micro-compact lightweight polymer frame with improved ergonomics and enhanced reliability in personal defense applications. Hailed as one of the most concealable and reliable pistols to ever hit the market, the Hellcat features a built-in trigger safety. The durable, nitride-coated stainless steel slide features enhanced slide serrations for speedy, intuitive manipulation, while the traditional 3-dot sight system offers quick, intuitive target acquisition in any personal defense application. The Hellcat is compatible with a variety of factory and aftermarket 11-, 13-, 15-, and 50-round magazines, making it one of the most versatile and powerful micro-compact pistols on the market today.

Are Hellcat and Hellcat Pro magazines interchangeable?

Yes, but with some difficulty. Both the Hellcat and Hellcat Pro pistols are chambered in 9x19mm and utilize the same magwell design. However, the 15-round Hellcat ProMag is slightly longer than the Hellcat frame and will protrude past the bottom of the magwell which can be uncomfortable to hold for some users.

What is the largest magazine for the Springfield Hellcat?

The largest factory Hellcat magazine currently on the market is a 15-round magazine, though ProMag offers a 50-round aftermarket drum magazine as well.

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