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Kel-Tec Magazines

Kel-Tec Magazines

Kel-Tec: Affordable Small Arms Innovation


Founded by experienced small arms designer George Kellgren, Kel-Tec CNC Industries relentlessly pushes the boundary of firearms innovation with reliable pistols, rifles & shotguns that never break the bank.

From the PF-11, a lightweight polymer pistol that was first released in 1995, to the iconic bullpup Kel-Tec shotgun (KSG), Kel-Tec’s products are always ahead of their time and ahead of the curve.

Engineered for practical everyday performance and built to compete at prices that practically any shooter can afford, Kel-Tec has released popular firearms that still capture the imagination and excitement of the civilian shooting community.

In 2001, Kel-Tec introduced the Sub-2000, a folding 9mm carbine that has since become a must-have for most firearms enthusiasts. Then in 2006, Kel-Tec released what was touted as the world’s lightest, thinnest semi-automatic 9mm pistol—the 9mm PF-9.

In 2007, Kel-Tec raised the bar even further with their series of “high-efficiency rifles” like the bullpup RFB. In 2015, the line would evolve even further with the RDB, both of which are chambered in the popular 7.62x51mm caliber.

While limited aftermarket options are available, it’s recommended to stick with factory magazines to ensure maximum reliability with Kel-Tec firearms. Especially for unique firearms like the PMR-30, factory magazines can be the best way to ensure reliable performance.

Kel-Tec products come with a full lifetime warranty for the original buyer.

Grab a few spare factory magazines for your Kel-Tec pistols and rifles today!

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