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DURAMAG: Perfecting the Practical Combat Magazine

DURAMAG was founded to accomplish one single goal—to deliver the best-designed, highest-quality, 100% reliable magazines that work the first time … and every time afterwards.

Founded in Florida in 2011, DURAMAG is obsessively dedicated to maximizing quality and reliability. From stamping to welding, heat treating, coating and assembly, strict quality checks manage the process every step of the way … ensuring that buyers receive some of the finest, most reliable magazines on the market every time.

Duramag’s new offerings fit within two families of products: lightweight aluminum DURAMAG SPEED™ mags and heavy-duty stainless steel DURAMAG SS mags.

Every DURAMAG magazine incorporates key innovations like the EVERFLEX spring, ADVANCED GEOMETRY FOLLOWER and LIPLOCK technology. DURAMAG also uses a practical POST & HOLE™ design for added strength and durability.

With DURAMAG SPEED™, you get a lighter and more economic alternative. With DURAMAG SS™, you get maximum reliability and superior feeding for tricky cartridges like heavyweight 300 BLK rounds and 7.62x39mm.

DURAMAG SPEED™ magazines combine 6061-T6 aluminum with T-360™ total coating for maximum corrosion resistance. That means the body of the magazine is just as durable and reliable as the internal components. DURAMAG SS™ magazines are made using tough 410 stainless steel to endure even the most challenging situations.

Deliberately over-engineered and designed to be stored loaded for extended periods while ensuring flawless function, DURAMAG magazines are the ultimate upgrade for your favorite AR-pattern rifle. Unlike competing polymer magazines, DURAMAG magazines won’t flex or swell when stored loaded.

DURAMAG leads the industry in innovation, producing magazines for a wide variety of American manufacturers who trust DURAMAG mags to keep their rifles performing in peak condition.

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