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Kahr Arms Magazines

Kahr Arms Magazines

 Kahr Arms: Dedicated to Civilian Concealed Carry & Self-Defense


Often overlooked, Kahr Arms is an industry leader when it comes to affordable, innovative concealed carry firearms in all popular calibers.

Founder, CEO and President Justin Moon has been an avid gunner and concealed carrier since the age of 18. He founded the company back in 1995—when he couldn’t find a practical, everyday firearm that satisfied his needs for concealed carry.

In the coming years, Kahr arms became one of the first companies to market reliable, double-action-only, striker-fired single-stack carry pistols (almost a decade before the big manufacturers caught on).

With the K9, Kahr delivered a single-stack 9mm pistol that had the same dimensions as common .380 ACP pocket pistols of the day like the Walther PP, Beretta 80 Series and Sig P230. Further refinements came along in the form of the P- and PM-Series pistols like the PM9, PM40 and PM45.

An economy line of pistols was later released with the C series, typically retailing for 20-30% less than Kahr’s premium offerings. With a simplified feature set and a single magazine, these pistols combine All-American construction with a simpler feature set and a price point most shooters love.

Kahr’s dedication to no-nonsense quality have made them popular backup guns for the NYPD, and budget-friendly solutions for everyday use.

Factory magazines are mostly stainless steel and 100% interchangeable by caliber as long they’re the right size—meaning each of your Kahr 9mm magazines will work in each of your Kahr 9mm guns.

Kahr products are backed by a lifetime warranty (for the first purchaser only) to ensure reliable performance for years to come.

Just remember that magazines designed for smaller models may not seat in larger model pistols, and larger model magazines will protrude from the base of smaller Kahr pistols.

Kahr Firearms Group Arms owns Thompson, Auto Ordnance and Magnum Research (manufacturers of the Desert Eagle) and is headquartered in Greeley, Pennsylvania with their primary manufacturing facility located in Worcester Mass.

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