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Magnum Research Magazines

Magnum Research Magazines

Magnum Research: Manufacturing Perfection Meets Iconic, Desert Eagle Style

Founded over 25 years ago in Fridley Minnesota, Magnum Research makes firearms and accessories made by shooting enthusiasts for shooting enthusiasts—as evidenced by the classic Desert Eagle.

After an early partnership with Israeli Military Industries, Magnum Research moved their manufacturing back to the U.S. before being purchased by another All-American firearms manufacturer—Kahr Arms—so there’s no need to doubt the quality.

Beyond the Desert Eagle and BFR Magnum revolver, Magnum Research also produces the CZ-75 inspired Baby Eagle/Jericho, the Desert Eagle 1911, the MR Eagle, and the “Micro Eagle” pocket .380.

When purchasing magazines for Jericho/Baby Eagle pistols, note that not all magazines are interchangeable. Newer magazines for striker-fired “Fast Action” Eagle pistols typically won’t work in older Israeli models.

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