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 XGRIP: Maximum Versatility and Improved Ergonomics


XGRIP magazine adapters are a simple upgrade that can make a world of difference in your shooting experience …

Crafted from lightweight, impact-resistant polymer and designed for simple, tool-free installation, XGRIP’s patented magazine adapters transform your standard capacity full-size magazines into extended magazines for your compact and subcompact pistols.

That means you get superior ergonomics, smooth aesthetics, and enhanced versatility for your favorite Glock, M&P, HK and even 1911 style magazines.

It’s not just about improving capacity, either. XGRIP magazines are contoured for improved ergonomics and designed to match the aesthetics of your pistol. With a design based on the anthropomorphics of the hand and wrist, XGRIP adapters deliver enhanced comfort, control and accuracy.

Perhaps even more important, XGRIP adapters act as a natural over-insertion stop to keep you from damaging your pistol’s internals when using oversized magazines with smaller guns. Magazine over-insertion can lead to serious issues and unnecessary wear and tear in the long term.

In order to install your single-piece tension fit XGRIP adapter (like those used with Glock, M&P and Beretta pistols), simply slide it over the body of the magazine and use a table or other hard surface to snap it into place over the magazine’s baseplate.

Some XGRIP adapters like those used for 1911 and SIG combat pistols feature a 2-piece construction that clicks into place once firmly fitted to the base of the magazine.

XGRIP magazines are made using the highest quality materials and designed to withstand serious abuse in even the most extreme conditions—ensuring your adapter will fit and stay firmly in place no matter what.

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