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American Tactical Imports: Combat-Proven Firepower Meets Next-Gen Innovation

American Tactical Imports (ATI) is a US-based importer & manufacturer of popular firearms and accessories from all over the globe. Founded in 2006 with a dedication to hard work and a commitment to quality, they offer a limited lifetime warranty on every product they sell.

Whether you’re looking for German Sporting Gun (GSG) products, Austrian ISSC rifles or high-powered British airguns, look no further than ATI. With a massive catalogue of desirable imports and high-quality firearms and accessories manufactured in-house, ATI is a young company that’s quickly leaving a mark on the firearms industry at large.

ATI offers a wide variety of AR-inspired rifles and civilian-legal AK variants, along with MP40 carbines, bolt-action competition rifles, rimfire pistols and even MP5-inspired rimfire carbines.

Other popular ATI firearms include the rimfire GSG-22 “Firefly” training pistol and Galil kits that can be assembled with relative ease. ATI accessories range from flip-up iron sights to affordable drum magazines for use with a variety of rifle platforms.

They also offer a selection of “reconditioned” firearms, used rifles that have been refinished and enhanced for a second lease on life. These rifles are backed by the same lifetime warranty, making them a trustworthy addition to your gun cabinet.

After developing an early reputation for importing high-quality firearms and accessories, ATI began manufacturing their own rifles and pistols for the domestic market—further cementing their reputation for impressive quality and rock-solid reliability.

ATI’s line of Omni firearms delivers superior accuracy and performance at an impressive price, featuring radical innovations like steel-infused polymer lowers that give you an ultra-lightweight alternative to standard AR-15s.

So whether you’re looking for an exotic target rifle, a World War II classic, or an ultra-modern AR, look no further than American Tactical Imports.

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