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Real Avid

Real Avid

Founded in 2008 in Plymouth, Minnesota, Real Avid is the leading manufacturer and inventor of professional grade gunsmithing tools, manuals, and accessories, as well as many popular firearm cleaning products. Real Avid is dedicated to equipping, training, and empowering hands-on gun enthusiasts, often soliciting input from professional gunsmiths, law enforcement, and military professionals to develop and market reliable gunsmithing tools and cleaning equipment at an affordable price. In January 2013, Real Avid designed and manufactured the first multi-tool specifically designed for guns. The Gun Tool™, as it was called, was an instant success among professional gunsmiths and home DIY builders, and has remained the best-selling firearm multi-tool of all time. Other top-selling tools from Real Avid include The Pistol Tool™, the AR15 Scrapper™ bolt carrier cleaning tool, the Smart Mat™ gun cleaning mat, the Armorer's Master Wrench™, and more. From bench tools and carbon-busting solvents, to field-ready multi-tools and protective Smart Mat cleaning mats, Real Avid products offer best-in-class performance at industry-leading prices.

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