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 Surefire: Lighting the Way to Innovation



From their world-class tactical lights to their low-profile, high capacity magazines, Surefire is a relentless innovator that’s setting the bar for firearms accessories.

Based in California and in business for about forty years, Surefire has been supplying the Los Angeles Police Department and other law enforcement agencies for decades.

Surefire primarily focuses on the manufacture and development of tactical lights and laser sights for pistols, rifles and shotguns. Crafted from anodized aluminum or Nitrolon, an impact-resistant, glass-filled polymer, Surefire’s combat lights are among the most reliable in the industry—built to endure maximum torture in even the most extreme environments.

But their combat lights are just the beginning …

Because Surefire’s high-capacity magazines are just as innovative—holding up to 100 rounds of ammunition without the bulky size of common drum magazines.

Crafted from anodized aluminum with non-binding coil springs and cadmium-coated, patented nesting followers, these handy magazines are less than twice as thick as a standard capacity mag and fit snugly in MOLLE compatible pouches.

Offering a more practical, more tactical alternative to massive drum magazines, these mags are compatible with practically any major AR-15 platform rifle and designed to ensure rapid, reliable feeding for years to come.

With stellar reviews from operators in the field and GunMagWarehouse buyers, Surefire magazines deliver maximum firepower and uncompromising quality. They’re backed by a lifetime warranty and Surefire’s outstanding customer service.

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