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Hi-Point Firearms

Hi-Point Firearms

 Hi-Point: The Most Bang for Your Buck 


Offering functional performance at a price no other manufacturer can match, Hi-Point firearms have developed a reputation all their own.

Featuring unique ergonomics, composite construction, and a price tag that barely breaks the triple-digits, Hi-Point pistols deliver surprisingly effective performance. That’s thanks in part to their unique design, using heavy alloy slides instead of more complex breech-locking systems to deliver surprisingly reliable performance.

Whether you’re talking about their 9mm 916 pistols, the CF380 in .380ACP, or the JCP and JHP pistols in .40 S&W and .45 ACP respectively, each pistol features the same unique look and feel of a Hi-Point firearm.

Hi-Point carbines are likewise well known for their astounding value, above average performance, and desirable features like accessory rails and integrated sights. Using the same basic blowback system, carbines like the 995, 4095 and 4595 have been a longtime favorite of civilian American shooters—notable especially for their appearance in a classic film that earned their title as “The Planet of the Apes gun.”

Hi-Point carbines are popular plinking rifles and reliable choices for a camp or truck carbine if you ever find yourself roughing it.

Unlike other budget-minded firearms manufacturers, Hi-Point is dedicated to superior quality control, and they test-fire each weapon before it leaves the factory.

Proudly made in America and backed by a lifetime guarantee—ensuring free repairs if you ever have an issue with your Hi-Point firearm, regardless of whether you’re the first owner or the fifth.

For maximum reliability and performance, stick with Hi-Point factory magazines—including the high-capacity Redball mags for Hi-Point pistols and carbines!

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