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German Sport Guns (GSG) Magazines

German Sport Guns (GSG) Magazines

German Sports Guns: Rimfire Fun with AKs, Classic SMGs, and MP5-inspired Firearms

Combining German craftsmanship with rimfire versions of iconic firearms, German Sports Guns (GSG) delivers high-quality, cost-friendly shooting experiences with ultra-reliable factory magazines.

With rimfire ammo costing a fraction of what you’d pay for centerfire cartridges, GSG’s firearms offer a cost-effective way to teach and learn shooting skills while having fun with classic military-inspired weapons like the AK-22 and the GSG M-1911.

GSG’s hard-earned reputation for reliable factory magazines expands to all their offerings—including 110-round drum magazines for Ruger 10/22 rifles and MP5-style GSG5/522 firearms.

Enjoy the accuracy, the feel and the weight of real military-style guns at a fraction of the price and with a fraction of the recoil.

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