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Mossberg Magazines

Mossberg Magazines

 Mossberg Magazines: A Family Tradition of Excellence 

Mossberg is the oldest continuously family-owned and operated manufacturer of firearms in America, in business for over 100 years … and they’ve never stopped raising the bar …

Mossberg is the world’s leading manufacturer of pump-action shotguns—with over 10 million Mossberg shotguns sold.

They’re best known for their 12 gauge 500- and 590-series of pump-action shotguns, a popular staple among law enforcement and military thanks to their rugged design and unflinching reliability. Mossberg firearms are even favored by top shooting competitors like Jerry Miculek.

But despite their success with shotguns, Mossberg’s first successful production firearm was actually the “Brownie” .22 LR pistol. Since then, O.F. Mossberg and Sons have continued to innovate and develop new magazine-fed pistols and rifles in a variety of calibers.

Today’s most popular Mossberg firearms include the 702 and 802 Plinkster, the .22 LR 715 Series, the AR-15 pattern Blaze and the Mossberg centerfire 4x4 bolt-action rifle.

From those early rimfires to the new 590M magazine-fed, pump-action shotgun, and even the new 9mm MC1SC subcompact pistol, Mossberg has earned a reputation for developing lightweight, easy-to-use firearms and ultra-reliable factory magazines to go with them.

With each new design, they continue to raise the bar and improve performance without ever breaking the bank. Mossberg firearms come with an impressive 10-year warranty to ensure you get a decade of reliable performance and function.

So if you’re looking for Mossberg factory magazines, you’ve come to the right place! 

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