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Otis Technology

Otis Technology

Otis® Technology was founded in 1985 by accident, when founder Doreen Garrett fell into cold mud while deer hunting with her father in upstate New York, leaving her Winchester Model 94 rifle chock-full of mud, grime, and other stubborn debris. Out of that fall, Doreen reimagined Breech-to-Muzzle® gun care, empowering fellow gun owners to get more life, precision, and performance out of their firearms. 

Breaking away from traditional, worn-out, inefficient solvent and lubricating formulas, Otis consistently looks for new, innovative ways to make firearm care and maintenance faster, easier, and more effective. Delivering quality products and taking care of customers are top priorities at Otis Technology. To that end, Otis backs all of their Smart Gun Care products with their iconic “No Nonsense Warranty.”

Otis Technology is dedicated to supporting the men in women that put their lives on the line every day in our local communities and overseas, developing a robust line of weapons maintenance kits and tools to meet the specific needs of LEOs and military personnel, such as caliber/platform-specific cleaning kits with convenient MOLLE pouches and the Lawman Series professional cleaning kits. Likewise, Otis caters to the civilian shooter market, providing tools, accessories, chemicals, and kits, favored by backyard plinkers, target and competitive shooters, and professional gunsmiths and armorers alike.

From solvents, protectants, and lubricants to brushes, platform-specific tools, and comprehensive, all-in-one cleaning kits, Otis Technology is the leading manufacturer of quality, smart gun cleaning kits, tools, and accessories.

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