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Butler Creek Magazines

Butler Creek Magazines

Butler Creek: From Backwoods Hunting to National Competition

Starting with a single spark of innovation back in 1930’s Montana, Butler Creek has evolved to offer a wide variety of magazines and accessories including straps, slings and magazine loaders that are at home on the range but built for high-speed performance when it matters most.

Butler Creek was eventually purchased by brothers Fred and Bill Heckman and named after the body of water that ran through their property in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Perhaps their most notable innovation, Butler Creek’s 10/22 magazines are widely preferred by shooters as a reliable aftermarket upgrade to their favorite rimfire rifle.

Butler Creek’s “Hot Lips” 10/22 magazines feature a separately molded, bright red insert composed of self-lubricating polymer that’s guaranteed to work with all .22 LR ammunition on the market today—which is a big deal given the spotty reliability of some other 10/22 magazines.

Butler Creeks “Steel Lips” 10/22 magazines are engineered to suit the needs of serious competitive shooters. Instead of polymer inserts, they come with stainless steel inserts designed to prevent misfeeding for flawless performance. They’re also guaranteed to function with all types of .22 LR ammunition.

Butler Creek’s 10/22 magazines feature a patented system that allows 2 or 3 of them to be clipped together for improved capacity and easier handling. They also come with a one-year limited warranty to ensure reliable function and performance.

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