Butler Creek Hot Lips .22LR 10/22 10-Round Magazine


Butler Creek Hot Lips .22LR 10/22 10-Round Magazine


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  • Features a separately molded feed lip design made 
    of an extremely tough self-lubricating polymer. 

  • Can be hooked together to make multi-feeding mags. 

  • Guaranteed for all .22 LR ammo.

  • Fits: Ruger 10/22, Ruger 77/22, AMT Lightning



The speed and efficiency of our Hot Lips 10/22 Magazines, plus the enhanced durability and function of stainless steel. Designed with the serious shooter in mind, Butler Creek's famous Steel Lips magazines feature precision steel lips for smooth, reliable operation. The translucent magazine body gives visual indication of the ammunition supply in the magazine while integrated pegs and holes allow up to three 10-round or two 25-round magazines to be hooked together for fast reloading.