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Known worldwide for their affordable and ultra-reliable Thunder Series handguns, Bersa is an Argentinian manufacturer trusted by concealed carriers, competition shooters and law enforcement professionals.

Bersa was originally founded in 1950 in Argentina by a trio of Italian immigrants—each of whom was a mechanical engineer, with one having experience working on designs for Beretta.

Finding early success with Beretta-inspired rimfire pistols, the trio introduced the “Bersa” name and brand in 1960. They slowly grew and earned the respect of the global shooting community thanks to their reliable combat pistols (like the Model 90) and rimfire classics like the Model 60 and Model 62.

Evolving on the classic designs and styling of classic Walther pistols, the founders struck gold when Bersa’s Thunder pistols was originally introduced in 1994. The Thunder incorporated modern advancements for today’s practical shooters, delivering ultra-reliable firepower at a price that’s tough to beat.

The Thunder was a near-immediate success with “in-the-know” shooters and concealed carriers.

The Thunder 380 is particularly popular thanks to its small size, manageable recoil, impressive concealability, and budget-friendly price. Like the Thunder 32 and Thunder 22, it’s based on the classic design of the Walther PP/PPK pistol.

The Bersa Thunder 9 and 40 are based on the design of the Walther P88, and issued as standard sidearms of various law enforcement agencies.

All Bersa pistols deliver great value that’s tough (if not impossible) to beat. Bersa magazines are  equally reliable, typically blending metal construction with tough polymer baseplates at a competitive price.

With their new BP9CC, Bersa’s taking a step away from hammer-fired tradition and embracing a striker-fired future. But they’ll continue to refine the designs that have made them famous, with all Bersa firearms backed by a one-year limited warranty for faithful service and unwavering reliability.

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