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Lancer Systems Magazines

Lancer Systems Magazines

 Lancer: Warfighter Magazines for the 21st Century


Dedicated to ultimate performance and relentless innovation, Lancer’s Advanced Warfighter Magazines are a masterpiece of advanced engineering.

Designed to overcome the numerous challenges of today’s modern battlefield, Lancer’s L5AWM and L7AWM warfighter magazines for the AR-15/M-4 and AR-10 pattern rifle are lightweight, cost-effective, and combat-ready.

With a one-piece wraparound PTFE-coated steel feed lip assembly and textured polymer body construction, Lancer’s magazines deliver the ultimate in impact-resistant, chemically-resistant hybrid construction.

They’re instantly recognizable and distinguishable from other AR-10/AR-15 magazines thanks to their clear construction and distinctively textured exterior.

Thanks to their improved internal geometry, stainless steel springs, and anti-tilt followers, Lancer magazines deliver all-weather reliability and consistent feeding in even the most extreme conditions.

Engineered to perfect the modern combat magazine, Lancer Warfighter mags are engineered to consider every detail—from their easy-to-see round count markers to the steel-tipped magazine catch and tool-free design—and offer the perfect magazine for competitors and combat professionals alike.

They’re also compatible with a wide variety of AR-pattern rifles, from the modern SCAR in 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm to the HK 416, Beretta ARX 160 and the modular new SIG MCX carbine.

Lancer magazines are proudly designed and manufactured in America and come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. They’re the perfect upgrade for your favorite rifle without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Grab a few Warfighter mags for your favorite AR-10 or AR-15 rifle today!

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