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Sellier & Bellot

Sellier & Bellot

Founded in 1825 in Vlasim, Czech Republic, Sellier & Bellot® is the oldest ammunition producer in the world, producing high-quality handgun, rifle, and shotgun ammunition for military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and civilian shooters for nearly 200 years. In 2009, Sellier & Bellot was purchased by the CBC Group in an effort to serve the U.S. market better, and ensure Sellier & Bellot remains a leading producer of high-performance target and defensive ammunition for American shooters.

Shop our full selection of S&B 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, 12 gauge, 7.62x51mm NATO, and 6.5 Creedmoor ammo today and save big on your next trip to the range!

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