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IWI US Magazines

IWI US Magazines

Israeli Weapons Industries: Advancing Small Arms Technology at Light Speed

From the Uzi to the Tavor, the X95, Negev, Galil ACE and Jericho pistol, IWI has been a ceaseless and uncompromising innovator in small arms technology over the last 80 years.

Originally founded under British mandate in 1933, IWI began working with the Israeli Defense Forces in the late 1950’s in order to develop effective new weapons platforms for Israeli soldiers.

In 2005, the Israeli government made the decision to spin off the small arms division of IMI, which went on to become Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI Ltd.). IWI continues to work with the IDF to develop new weapons for the ever-evolving challenges of today’s battlefields and tactical environments.

Through continuous use by police and military shooters from a variety of countries including Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand and Vietnam, IWI has been able to refine and improve on existing designs for maximum reliability and performance.

Winner of numerous golden bullseye awards for weapons like the Tavor and the Tavor X95, IWI’s Uzi pro carbines and Jericho 941 pistols remain a top choice among civilians for target shooting and home defense.

IWI pistol magazines feature durable steel construction with tough polymer baseplates and steel internal springs for ultra-reliable feeding.

Grab some IWI magazines for your favorite pistols and carbines today!

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