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X-Grip Glock 26, 27, 33 Sub-Compact 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG Magazine Grip Adapter

X-Grip Glock 26, 27, 33 Sub-Compact 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG Magazine Grip Adapter Right View « »

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Brand: X-Grip
UPC: 721405445578
Caliber: 357 SIG, 40 S&W, 9mm Luger
Material: Polymer
  • X-Grip Magazine Adapter
  • Slides Over Magazine
  • No Tools Required
  • Compatible with: Glock 19/ 23/ 32 Magazines

  • Compatible with: 9mm/ .40 S&W/ .357 SIG

  • NOTENot Compatible with Gen 1 or Gen 2 magazines 
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This is an XGRIP Magazine Adapter for Glock 26, 27 and 33 pistols in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG

These polymer XGRIP adapters slip onto your compact Glock 19, 23 and 32 magazines to make them a perfect fit for your subcompact/concealed carry Glock.

XGRIP magazine adapters maximize the flexibility of your arsenal by allowing you to safely use your full-size and compact Glock magazines in subcompact Glock pistols. They’re manufactured from impact-resistant polymer for maximum durability under extreme conditions.

Installation is as easy as just snapping the adapter into place over the body of the magazine. XGRIP adapters then act as a mechanical over-insertion stop to preserve your pistol’s internals.

Grab a few XGRIP adapters for your Glock pistols today!

Breakdown: *XGRIP slides onto Glock 19, fitting in the Glock 26 Handgun 

                    *XGRIP slides onto Glock 23, fitting in the Glock 27 Handgun 

                    *XGRIP slides onto Glock 32, fitting in the Glock 33 Handgun  

                     Not Compatible with Gen 1 or Gen 2 magazines

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