Defensive Ammunition Choices: A Buyer’s Guide

Whether you're new to the firearms industry, or you're looking to shake up your EDC loadout, let's take a look at some of the best defensive rounds available today.

Top 5 Predator Hunting Ammunition Options

We've put together a list of five of the best ammo offerings for varmint and predator hunting applications. If you're a seasoned varmint dispatcher, or you're new to the farmstead life, take a gander as Terril walks us through the pros and cons of various varmint loads.

Hornady Critical Defense and Critical Duty Ammunition: What’s the Difference?

Some of the best testing comes from questions we ask ourselves. In my case: what is the difference between Hornady Critical Defense and Critical Duty ammo?

6mm ARC: Is it Worth the Hype?

Introduced in 2020, the 6mm ARC has some impressive features. This cartridge offers exceptional ballistics out of the AR-15 platform and has grown in available loadings over the years. Here's what's to love in this cartridge.

Top Five Defensive Handgun Ammo Options

At present, we are more blessed than at any other time in history as far as ammunition is concerned. The quality and consistency of ammunition have advanced massively over the past few decades, especially in defensive handgun ammo, which we'll be looking at today in this article.

9mm Barrel Length: Does It Really Matter?

Does barrel length really matter when it comes to the 9mm Luger cartridge? Maybe. Probably. Let's take a look!

CCI’s .22 Long Rifle Stingers

Jim Davis gives us his thoughts on the fabled .22 LR CCI Stinger for hunting, target practice, and personal defense.

.17 HMR: What is It Good For?

Rimfire rounds come and go, and only a few have stood the test of time and thus far the .17 HMR has held up very well. It is not as cheap or as suppressor-friendly as the .22 LR, nor does it pack the sheer foot-pounds of energy of the .22 Magnum. But the flatter trajectory of the .17, on its own, is probably going to be worth the cost of admission when those other rounds might prove lacking. In its niche, accept no substitutes.

Top 5 Defensive Rifle Loads

Few rifle rounds won't work for personal protection, but rifle rounds can be too powerful. Many conventional soft-point and full metal jacket rounds can zip straight through the intended target and carry on downrange with potentially dangerous results. Here are five defensive rifle loads that you should consider for your home defense plan.

Remington UMC .223 Ammunition: A Review

I'm very familiar with Remington's UMC .223 55-grain ammunition, having used it for many years. This load weighs 55 grains and is a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) profile. Let's take a closer look at the .223, and Remington's UMC load, in particular.

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