Hornady Critical Duty Ammo: Is It Worth Its Salt?

When it comes to carry ammo for defense or duty, we want the very best. So how does Hornady Critical Duty compare to other 9mm rounds? Let's find out! 

Federal Fusion .30-30: My New Go-To Lever Action Ammo

Performance, accuracy, and price. It's got a lot going for it. Federal Fusion is my new go-to ammo for the .30-30.

Top 5 Magnum Cartridges: Big Booms

Magnum handgun cartridges are great for self-defense, handgun hunting, and range use. Check out our top 5 favorite magnum cartridges.

Federal Power-Shok .30-30 Ammo: Hits With Authority

Federal's 150-grain Power-Shok Jacketed Soft Point Flat Nose ammunition is one of the more popular rounds for medium game. It hits with authority.

Sellier & Bellot 12-Gauge Buckshot: a Solid Performer

Sellier & Bellot OO buckshot shoots great and feeds well through the most popular shotgun platform in the world, the Remington 870.

Federal Punch 22LR: The Best 22 Defense Load?

There are a few excellent 22 LR loads out there, but the Federal Punch load is the one that punches well above its weight.

That Classic Old FBI .38 Special Load

It may have been George Washington who first said that success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. The new .38 Special round was indeed a success, and it had many with a legitimate claim to its parentage.

Hornady LeverEvolution .30-30 Ammo: Enhanced Performance

Hornady LeverEvolution gives the long-trusted .30-30 cartridge an upgrade. How is it different from other loads? Let's find out!

Green Ammo: Ecofriendly Alternatives

Until a few short years ago, most ammunition was lead-based. Fortunately, there are a variety of lead-free eco-friendly alternatives you can try to minimize the risk to yourself and the environment. Follow along as we explore the pros and cons of green ammo.

5 Reasons to Still Love the .32 ACP

The .380 ACP is fine in guns like the new Beretta 80X Cheetah, but .32 ACP is the clear winner in pocket-sized pistols. Here are 5 reasons why!

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