The Magpul AMAG: A New Era for Magpul

The Magpul AMAG came as a bit of a surprise, but as expected, it gets the job done. Get you some.

The Five Best Revolver Speed Loaders

In the last year, I've put my time behind a revolver and tested numerous setups including speed loaders. I have five favorites I'd like to share with you.

The ETS AR-15 Mags: Get a Couple

Overall, I was impressed by the ETS AR 15 mags. For the price of $12, we get a fairly solid rifle magazine option that even gives you a built-in coupler. The magazines feed reliably, are easy to clean, well textured, and work in and out of magazine pouches.

Mag-Fed Shotguns: A Pump vs Semiautomatic Comparison

Mag-fed shotguns are here to stay. Which designs provide the most capacity and best reliability? It may come down to what you want the shotgun to do.

AR-15 Magazines From ASC and Strike Industries: How Do They Stack Up?

Let's take a look at two trusted and well-known budget AR-15 magazines currently on the market and discuss how they perform.

The AK-63D and Bulgarian Magazines: A Winning Combination

It looks just like an AK-47, and it basically is. A few years ago, Century Arms began importing parts kits from Hungary to assemble the Hungarian AK-63D, which is that country's version of the AK-47. The particular rifle being evaluated today has an underfolding, metal stock.

Why the Military Doesn’t Use Drum Mags

If more firepower is key, why doesn't the US Armed Forces use drum magazines in their small arms? Actually, there are some compelling reasons. Jeremy Stone explains those, and why they're still a useful choice for civilians.

Box Magazines for Shotguns: Comparability and Compatibility

We've been getting lots and lots of questions from our beloved customers regarding the MKA 1919 and the Saiga 12. Specifically, are the magazines interchangeable?

Can the Glock 17 and Glock 19 Share Magazines?

Ever wondered if the Glock 17 and Glock 19 share magazines? Or have you had other questions about Glock magazine compatibility? This guide will help.

New AR-15 Stock, Grip and Mags from Amend2

At TriggrCon 2023, I was able to speak to the guys from Amend2 and get my hands on some of their new products. I’ve used Amend2 mags for years and the company makes a good product.

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