Rock Island Armory Pistol Enters Guinness World Records

In August 2022, the Rock Island Auction Company (RIAC) sold a collectible firearm that could rightfully be described as "out of this world," and this month, it announced that it subsequently earned a place in the Guinness World Records 2024 book for the "Most Expensive Prop Gun Sold at Auction."

Black Friday Deals on The Way: Here’s A Sneak Peek

Here at GunMag Warehouse, we offer a lot of great deals already. But when it comes to Black Friday, we'll have plenty of deals that are hard to pass up.

PTR Industries & Archon Firearms Partner for US-Bound Pistols

PTR Industries has announced its partnership with the European-based Archon Firearms to manufacture and distribute Archon products for the North American market.

New Changes to ATF Form 4473

The ATF has announced changes to Form 4473, which is the form required for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The new Form 4473 was made available in August 2023, but FFLs don't have to start using them until February 1, 2024.

CZ-USA Issues Safety Recall for All-American Single Trap Shotgun

CZ has released information regarding a voluntary safety recall for one of its products, the All-American Single Trap shotgun.

US Army Approves BFG Slings and B5 Stocks for the M4

The US Army has authorized the use of the Blue Force Gear push-button sling in tan or black, as well as the B5 Systems BRAVO stock in tan or black, for use with the M4. All now have an NSN.

Taurus Issues Safety Notice for GX4 9mm Pistols

Taurus has issued a Safety Notice for certain GX4 9mm pistols, stating they could accidentally discharge when dropped.

Sig ROMEO-M17: Next Revolution in Red Dot Optics

We got a sneak peek of it at SHOT, but now Sig Sauer has officially released the ROMEO-M17, the cutting-edge red dot electro-optic developed specifically for the US Military MHS M17/M18 pistols.

NRAAM 2023: Federal Launches New Ammo

7mm PRC is a great cartridge with applications for precision shooting and, of course, hunting at longer distances. With a Terminal Ascent load for 7mm PRC, hunters interested in taking longer shots have greater options for a one-shot, ethical kill. Of course, Federal has other new loads for 2023 aside from 7mm PRC. Stay tuned for more.

Arex Delta Gray Wolf: Tactical Quality

If you're looking for a handgun designed with an eye for serious tactical applications, Arex, a Slovenian-based firearms manufacturer, might have something for you.

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