The Seven Most Overrated Guns Ever

Overrated guns are interesting. They aren't necessarily bad guns, (ok some of them are), but they don't live up to their cult following.

The Seven Best Surplus Pistols On the Market

Surplus pistols present a living piece of history you can handle, shoot, and enjoy. We've gathered the seven best currently out there.

Gun and Game — Hitman and the Hardballers

What classic firearm is the AMT Hardballer wielded by the skilled Agent 47 in his quest to assassinate criminals, world leaders, and more? Find out!

Three Steps To Develop Your Ability to Shoot Consistently Well

Consistency in shooting well can be defined as “your ability to repeatedly perform at a known skill level." So how do you get there?

The Largely Forgotten AR-18 Was Not a Stoner Design (Entirely)

Much of the design work built on Stoners concepts, and efforts to develop the AR-18 largely took place after Stoner had left Armalite. Read more.

The Most Influential WW2 Weapons

Today we're traveling back to the 1940s and examining the most influential WW2 weapons. From SMGs to real MGs we'll cover it all.

Glock 45: All About the G45

What is a Glock 45? How is the G45 different from the G19X? Wait, do you mean the model or the caliber…and which caliber? Let's clear it up.

Seven Great Guns That Need a Reboot!

Some firearms just need a reboot. Here are seven great guns that have been lost to time and deserve a comeback to the wide world of guns.

The Best Video Game Shotguns, Scatterguns, and Flak Cannons

Video game shotguns can be fun, painful, and powerful — packing a punch that's tough to beat. Here are some of the best.

Take Notice: Taran Butler on the Sig MPX 9mm Competition PCC

When Taran Butler talks about a competition gun, it’s a big deal. Watch his review of the Sig MPX 9mm PCC, or as he calls it, "a sewing machine of shreddingness".

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