Last-Minute Christmas Gift? Try a Gun Magazine Gift Box

Looking for a last-minute gift for the gun guy or gal in your life? Why not give em a box of magazines for their favorite gun?

Duty & CCW Weapons: Buying Your Guns in Pairs

Are there benefits to having two sizes of the same weapon? Yes, there are, and we will discuss a few of those benefits today. A “duty” weapon is a full-size service weapon for law enforcement or the military. But it has become a general term used for anyone who wants a primary full-sized weapon. You […]

Expensive Guns: The Cost of History

I think we would all agree that guns can be expensive. That’s why we often save for months or longer to buy the one we want. Some guns cost more than others, and that price gap is pretty big. Higher-end guns hold their value better than what I would call “everyday guns.” Like anything else, the name on the gun can make a big difference when buying or selling it. In general, new guns cost more than old guns. And when you walk out the door of a gun store, your new gun is worth a little less than you just paid for it.

Concealed Carry Dark Horses

The world of concealed-carry firearms is huge. It's currently dominated by the various micro-compact pistols from companies like SIG, Ruger, Kimber, S&W, and a few more. The current meta for concealed carry is a pistol like the P365. However, that doesn't mean they are the only options. Guns like the Glock 19 are well-represented. What guns are not represented? Who are the concealed carry dark horses? 

December 7, 1941: A Day of Infamy

"Yesterday, December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan."

The Top 5 Budget Guns of 2023

We're all on a budget and money's tight - especially this year. If you're looking for budget guns to add to your collection, we've selected five that are within nearly everyone's budget.

Yankee Hill QDS: Quality Back Up Sights

If you need a set of iron flip-up sights, Yankee Hill is a good choice. They're made in the US and built like a tank. You can use them as a backup system, or as a primary sight system. Red dots are a game changer, but there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple, either.

Nerf Guns and Firearm Safety: Transitioning from Toys to Firearms

Many of us want to pass on our love for shooting sports to our kids. How do we go about it? For my son, it started with nerf guns and transitioned to real firearms. Here's how we made it work.

Headspace: What Too Much or Too Little Looks Like

Cartridge headspace is an important part of firearm function, accuracy, and safety. Here's what to look for and why headspace is important

The History of the “Come and Take It” Flag

The "Come and Take It" flag has a rich history dating back to Ancient Greece. Its history is also rooted in the war for Texas independence while its use remains prevalent today.

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