Top 5 Home Defense Firearms for 2024

Choosing the right firearm for home defense is a critical decision. I’ve compiled a list of the top five home defense firearms for 2024, each with its unique advantages. These guns are not new to 2024 but remain among the best choices this year. I didn’t put this list in a certain order, just five of my favorites for your consideration.

Top 5 Affordable Soft AR-15 Rifle Cases

I've put together a quick list of five of the best gun cases money can buy. These rifle cases all retail for $100 or less, making them extremely affordable. I’ve hiked into the woods with them, traveled to training classes, and used them at work for years. Your favorites may be different than mine, but hopefully, this list will give you some ideas when you head out to find your next rifle case. Take a look!

1974: The Year of the Action Camp Classics Revisited Five Decades Later

Fifty years ago, the U.S. box office could have been rightfully described as a "disaster zone" as 1974's top-grossing film was "The Towering Inferno" starring Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, while "Earthquake" and "Airport 1975" were also in the Top 10. Mel Brooks proved to be worth his weight in comedy gold as both "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein" hit big, and the year is, of course, remembered for "The Godfather Part II" and "Chinatown." Yet, 1974 was also the year that saw a number of "cult classics" released.

Understanding Trigger Reset: Three Spots on a Bell Curve

When resetting the trigger, shooters have three options, or three points on a bell curve. If the finger comes all the way off the trigger, it will generally be hit with an impact: marksmanship instructors call that “trigger slap.”  If the finger has followed the trigger all the way forward from the last shot but still maintained contact, the best term for that is “trigger weld.” And third, if the trigger has returned just enough to reset the sear for the next shot, different instructors use different terms for it: “riding the link,” “riding the sear,” or “riding the reset.” Many do not understand that each technique has a place in shooting because they don’t understand what those places are, and many end up using the wrong tool for the given task. Let’s examine those techniques one at a time.

Rimfire Revolution: Top 5 Rimfire Optics for your .22 LR Rifle

Whether you're a hunter, collector, or target shooter, you should have at least one rimfire rifle or handgun in your gun safe, and it's also a good plan to have decent optics for the gun in question. Check out this top 5 list of some of the best rimfire scopes you can buy!

Concealed Carry Comfort: Five Best IWB Holsters

Finding the right holster for your needs can take time, so be prepared for the process. Don’t assume it’ll go fast just because a certain holster worked great for your friend or a specific gun writer. Taking the time to find the right holster for you, makes carrying easier, safer, and more effective.

Smartwatches Won’t Cut It: Benefits Of Tactical Watches

If you happen to be after a bomb-proof watch, it's best to go the tactical route, as they are made to last in a brutally abusive environment. They tend to have a simpler operation, although G-Shocks can have a bewildering array of functions if you choose to utilize them.

Swampfox Liberty II and Vortex Defender-ST: A Comparison

I’ve put both optics through the same tests and both held up great. Picking the one that’s best for you will come down to the mounting footprint, which features you like most and how much you are willing to spend. Whichever optic you choose however will be a great choice and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Home Defense: Shotguns vs. Rifles

Also take into account the laws of your state, which might restrict such weapons as the AR-15, AK-47, or other semi-autos. In those cases, sometimes the Mini-14 is legal and still offers semi-auto firepower. The lever action is also seen as a "friendly" alternative, considering that most people don't become alarmed when they see one. In the ban states, these "friendly" rifles can often fly under the radar.

A Crash Course in Trigger Types and Styles

There's plenty of different trigger styles and types on the market today, but what are they and why should you choose one over the other? Here's a quick overview of the most common trigger styles you'll run into at your local gun store.

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