Interpersonal Violence: Your Response Time Matters

Interpersonal violence is always possible and your response time matters. Avoid what you can. Mitigate or -as a last resort - put a hard stop to the rest.

GunMag School: Top 5 Rifle Drills

Check out our Top 5 rifle drills to work on with your AR-15. These drills are great for honing tactical skills and they're fun to do.

Concealed Carry: Why I Stopped & How I Started Again

I didn’t always concealed carry, and up until a few years ago, I didn't carry on a regular basis. Here's why I started carrying again and how.

Emotionally Disturbed Persons: Strategies for Dealing With EDPs

Read on to discover how to spot and deal with an Emotionally Disturbed Person. Learn some strategies to avoid violence or confrontation.

NOPD Shotgun Qualification Course — Scattergun Time

The NOPD Shotgun Qual is a 3-stage, multi-string affair. Today we take on the NOPD shotgun qual with a Benelli M4 and an open mind.

Visible Lasers For Non-Lethal Force? | Tactical Rifleman

Can visible lasers prevent the use of deadly force? Why, yes. They sure can! Here's an example from Tactical Rifleman.

Human Aggression Management: Defuse and Deescalate to Defend

Do you know how to identify and then manage human aggression? Read some pointers: deflect and deescalate to defend.

The 350 Legend Cartridge: Gunmagopedia

The 350 Legend has a significant appeal for a wide range of shooters—Hard-hitting, versatile, and made specifically for the AR platform. Read all about it!

Guns of Denzel Washington Movies: Variety

Denzel Washington has used a lot of guns in his movies, and it can be hard to decide which ones are the best. Check out our top 5 list here.

Top Shot Dustin: Can You Use a Scope Backwards?

Ever watch a movie and notice that the Hollywood armorers mistakenly put an optic on a firearm—backward? Top Shot Dustin tests it out to see if it even works.

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