Mag Orientation: Does it Matter?

How do you carry your spare magazines? Bullets forward or bullets to the rear? Here's some considerations on how to carry your mags that may help your reload be a little faster.

Shooting Target Types: Pros and Cons

Targets are like anything else when it comes to guns; you need to find the right target for your purpose. A good shooting target can go a long way, and you should most certainly choose a target that matches your goals.

Magazine Change Drills: Are You Doing Them?

Accomplishing a magazine change is simple and because of that, it’s easy to overlook the training aspect of it. But there are times when changing a magazine in your firearm can become somewhat challenging.

Cold Weather CCW: Your Coat and Gloves Could Be a Problem

When it is cold, people wear multiple layers and gloves. Cold weather presents a challenge for CCW holders.

Shot Timer Fun: Five Drills to Measure Your Skills

The shot timer is more than a competition tool. It's also a measure of competency. Here's five drills I enjoy on the clock to judge progress and see where you stack with your defensive skills.

Mantis Laser Academy: Shooting the Pistol Marksmanship Course

I just finished the Mantis Laser Academy Pistol Marksmanship Course and passed the Pistol Marksmanship Test. My hands are still a little sweaty, and my P365 still has the laser cartridge sitting in its bore. I figured there was no time like the present to write down my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the Mantis Laser Academy Pistol Marksmanship Course.

Unconventional Shooting Positions: A Skills Test

Not every defensive shooting happens on a square range. It's important to practice and be familiar with unconventional shooting positions. Here are some positions and tricks I've learned over the years.

One Handed Shooting: Overcoming Adversity

One handed shooting is a critical tool for survival in a gunfight. Stance, sight orientation, and reloading are all skills that need to be practiced on and off the range. Here are some of the do's and don'ts of one handed shooting.

Self Defense Drills: Realistic Training

It’s common knowledge however that most shootings take place at less than seven yards, but recent events such as the Eli Dicken incident tell us that we should also train for longer distances.

Thunder Ranch and Clint Smith: Urban Rifle Class Review

If you have taken some training, want to build communication skills, and are familiar with your rifle I would highly recommend Clint Smith's class at Thunder Ranch. But if you are new to rifles, this class may not be for you just yet.

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