.22-.250 Remington: 8 Reasons to Love It

.22-.250 Remington is one of the most versatile hunting rounds available. What are the benefits to this cartridge? Let's find out.

Colt’s Stunning Combat Elite Government 1911

Colt's Combat Elite 1911 is a single-action with a distinctive look. Get past the flashy finish, though, and there's a classic Colt.

Smith & Wesson CSX — New Kid On The Block

The Smith & Wesson CSX is a single-action micro-9mm that will hold 12+1 rounds. Here's a closer look and a trip to the range with it.

ATI Mil-Sport 6mm ARC Rifle

American Tactical Imports recently released a new 6mm ARC rifle called the Mil Sport. We tried it out and are pleased with the results.

The Henry Long Ranger Express: A Half MOA Lever Gun?

Precision accuracy from a lever gun — what?! Check out the results Pat RMG gets with the Henry Long Ranger Express.

The New 9mm AXE Tomahawk by BUL Armory

Why buy a Glock clone at nearly double the price of a Glock? Check out BUL Armory AXE line of guns and you can decide for yourself.

Tippmann Arms M4-22 Micro Pistol

This little .22 micro pistol from Tippmann Arms has a lot going for it as far as features go. So how does it perform on the range? Find out.

The Umarex-HK MP5 in .22 LR: “Hardcore and Heavy Duty”

Curious about the new HK MP5 22 LR from Umarex? Here's a closer look from Todd the Gun Guy along with some context from Bucky Lawson.

Wilson Combat SFX9: First Shots with the Honest Outlaw

If you’re into guns at all, you likely know that Wilson Combat doesn’t play around when it comes to building quality firearms. Here's a look at the SFX9.

Ruger Mark IV 22/45

I’m a .22 Long Rifle whore. There, I said it. They tell me that the first step is admitting that it’s a problem. Except, it’s not a problem because I can stop any time I want, honestly! So a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 pistol followed me home.

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