Back 4 Blood — A Gun Guy Goes Gaming

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative horde shooter that layers guns, zombies, and pipebombs into a casserole of blood, guts, and bullets.

.22-.250 Remington: 8 Reasons to Love It

.22-.250 Remington is one of the most versatile hunting rounds available. What are the benefits to this cartridge? Let's find out.

Halo — From Xbox To The Silver Screen

Halo has finally made it to the big screen with some fantastic action and awesome violence, but does the Halo TV Series hold up?

Tippmann Arms M4-22 Micro Pistol

This little .22 micro pistol from Tippmann Arms has a lot going for it as far as features go. So how does it perform on the range? Find out.

HM Defense Raider MC5: A Quality US Made AR-15 Pistol

The HM Defense Raider MC5 AR-15 pistol handles about as well as any rifle I have. So what makes it different?

Top 3 Home Defense Weapons

Each home requires careful consideration and planning when selecting a home defense weapon, but this is my list of the top three weapons to use.

What’s (Not?) to Love about Oddball Calibers?

Weird calibers are like a fun hobby—not practical for every day, heavy use—but they do have a certain appeal. What would you add to this list?

Classic Firearms: What’s the Best AR-15 Charging Handle?

As AR-15s have grown in popularity, so have the number of parts made for them. It used to be there was a basic component sheet and that was that, but today there are practically endless options for everything right down to the takedown pins and trigger pins. In a recent video, Classic Firearms talks about […]

A Gun Guy Goes Gaming — Syphon Filter 2

Syphon Filter 2 was an awesome game that developed my interest in firearms and helped make me the gun nerd that I am now.

Glock 43X Essentials with 10-8 Performance Lab

Why was the Glock 43X such a great idea? Hilton Yam covers the essentials and highlights his favorite feature in this review.

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