Grey Birch Solutions Foundation Chassis: But Wait, There’s More!

Grey Birch Solutions has a modular chassis system for the ever-popular Ruger 10/22 style of .22lr rifle. Take a look-see.

Brownells BRN-180 Breathes New Life into a Classic Firearm: Armalite’s AR 180 Updated for the 21st Century

Maybe the AR-180 was a niche firearm when black rifles were a novelty in the 80s, but Brownells brought it back to life with the BRN-180.

Review: Immediate Casualty Care IWB Medical Kit

With the ICC Inside the Waistband Flat IFAK, you can keep key medical kit components on your person at all times. Read more.

Springfield Armory’s XD-S Mod 2—A Classic?

The XD-S has been an EDC staple for almost a decade. Since its launch, other single-stacks have come and gone, but the XD-S remains. Is it time to call it a classic?

Mission Essential Plate Carrier and SHOTSTOP Plates

After many, many hours in the shoot-house and lots of time in training, the author has finalized his Mission Essential Plate Carrier the way he wants it...for now.

Sig MCX Rattler / M13 Suppressed

If your .300BLK is just a little too big and loud, Sig has another option— the Sig MCX Rattler, aka the M13 in the gamer world.

Weird Magazine Designs — Breaking Down the Odd

I love a good weird magazine and I don't mean Ripley's Believe It Or Not. If you're like me you'll want to take a look at this collection of weird magazine designs.

Lever Action Rifles: We’re all about lever gun love!

Many of us feel a fierce and terrible lever gun love...and everyone else is wrong. He re are a few examples we have to share with ya!

The Holosun 509T at 10k rounds

How well does the Holosun 509T hold up after 10,000 rounds, a drop-test after every 500 rounds, & extreme temperature exposures? Lets find out!

The Concealable Armor Vest — Conceal it With Premier Armor

The new Concealable Armor Vest from Premier Armor grants a high-tech, high-quality level IIIA vest that conceals with absolute ease.

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