Terril is an economic historian with a penchant for all things firearm related. Originally a pot hunter hailing from south Louisiana, he currently covers firearms and reloading topics in print and on his All Outdoors YouTube page. When he isn't delving into rimfire ballistics, pocket pistols, and colonial arms, Terril can be found perfecting his fire-starting techniques, photographing wildlife, and getting lost in the archives.

S&W M&P 15 Sport II — A Novice Rifle from A Novice Perspective

The S&W M&P 15 Sport II in 5.56 NATO is one of the most popular AR platforms out there, especially as a first rifle. How is it from a novice perspective?

Ammo Test—Federal Micro HST .380 ACP

Federal Micro HST 380 ACP 99-grain hollow-point performance in expansion and tumbling performance in ballistic gel test—check this out!

CZ 457 Scout 22 LR: An Heirloom Quality Training Rifle

If you are in the market for a 22 rifle, chances are you can find one to fit your needs. Although 22 rimfire and the rifles that shoot them used to be associated with a training aid, usually for young shooters, plenty of adult-sized models are available today. If anything, finding a quality youth trainer […]

Ammo Test — The Curious Case of the 32 NAA Cartridge

The obscure 32 NAA pocket pistol cartridge, used primarily in NAA's Guardian line, uses a 380 ACP case necked down to 32 caliber. How does it perform in a ballistic gel test?

Ammo Test — Federal Punch .380 ACP

.380 ACP ammunition selection is important. Some loads penetrate, some expand, rarely both. Let's see how Federal Punch 85 grain load does!

The S&W 686 Plus .357 Magnum: Still Relevant?

The S&W 686 Plus is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, equally at-home in the home, on the belt, and in the woods.

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