Terril is an economic historian with a penchant for all things firearm related. Originally a pot hunter hailing from south Louisiana, he currently covers firearms and reloading topics in print and on his All Outdoors YouTube page. When he isn't delving into rimfire ballistics, pocket pistols, and colonial arms, Terril can be found perfecting his fire-starting techniques, photographing wildlife, and getting lost in the archives.

The Springfield Echelon: Now In FDE and OD Green

The new FDE and OD Green Echelon feature a respectively colored modular polymer frame and a matching Cerakote stainless-steel slide. The slide features the same cocking ears at the rear and cocking trench at the front, as seen on the stock black model. The slide wears U-notch rear and front post tritium night sights and is cut for Springfield's Variable Interface System that allows the mounting of up to thirty different types of reflex sights.

GunMagopedia: .45 Colt

The .45 Colt has left a lasting legacy in the gun world and even in 2024, there is plenty the round has to offer. While not as thrifty as more modern semi-auto and revolver cartridges, the .45 makes up for its higher price tag with its sheer versatility.

Introducing the Watchtower Demolitia 2011 Pistol

The Demolitia 2011 will be available with a standard green fiber optic front sight and blackened rear sight, along with an optics plate for the red dot of your choice. The new Watchtower Demolitia is chambered in 9mm Luger and will come with a hard case and four magazines—two 17-round magazines and two 20-round magazines. It will begin shipping in winter 2024.

Beretta’s New A300 RealTree Trace Blue Shotgun

The new A300 Trace Blue shotgun, which has an MSRP of $1,299, is now shipping to Beretta's law enforcement dealers.

Angstadt Arms’ New Roller Delayed MDP-9 Gen 2 Pistol

If you want to keep things light, consider the Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen. 2--a roller delayed blowback pistol that represents the PCC platform at a more efficient level. 

The New Streamlight Multifuel ProTac 2AA-X USB Light

In your everyday carry kit, you are more likely to use a flashlight than a firearm, knife, or OC spray. But we dedicate a lot of time to the maintenance of those other items. It is important to care for and ensure your light is topped off. To that end, Streamlight has announced the new ProTac 2AA-X USB tactical light. 

Springfield Armory’s 50th Anniversary M1A

Springfield Armory has been producing the M1A since the company was founded in 1974. This semi-automatic version of the then-recently retired M14 7.62 NATO service rifle was an instant hit with military aficionados and long-range competitive shooters. Springfield even had a hand in returning the platform to service in time for the Global War on Terror. The 50th Anniversary M1A is built and presented with the rifle's storied history in mind, and only 1,974 will be manufactured.

The New ETS Omega Glock 19 Magazine

The new ETS Omega Glock 19 magazine is available anywhere 15-round magazines are legal at an MSRP of $25.99.

Colt Adds the New CBX Rifle and Several Revolvers to Its Catalog

Colt took the NRA Show by storm by introducing a new series of rifles under the CBX line and several revolvers including the reintroduced Colt Viper, Grizzly, Kodiak, and 8-inch Python revolvers.

I’m With Roscoe: The New Heritage Roscoe Revolver

In a sea of rubber grips, fancy alloys, and brushed stainless finishes, there is something special about the blued finish and wood grips seen on older revolvers. If you are a fan of hardboiled detective stories and Prohibition-era coppers, or if you want something a little different from the current options out there, check out the new Heritage Roscoe.

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