Ankle Carry: Lessons from the Field

Not all carry positions are created equal. While ankle carry is great for deep concealment, there's a few things to consider before doing so. Before you ankle carry, learn from others who've been there and done that.

Safariland EDC NexBelt: A CCW Must Have

The EDC NexBelt retails for $70, which isn’t bad for a high-quality belt. I have no doubt it will last for years and add the same quality to your belt that you look for in a handgun and holster. Besides the Safariland EDC belt, NexBelt offers a great range of belts to fit just about any need. Check them out the next time you need a modern, durable belt designed explicitly for concealed carry.

The Battle of the Subcompacts: S&W Shield Plus vs. Springfield Hellcat

The Smith & Wesson Shield Plus and Springfield Armory Hellcat are both quality micro-compact pistols well-suited for concealed carry needs. While the Hellcat costs considerably more and offers a few high-tech bells and whistles, the Shield Plus delivers impressive capacity and shootability in a smaller package without breaking the bank. Ultimately, it comes down to budget and personal preferences.

The Bersa Thunder CC: A Review

The Bersa Thunder CC takes the normal Thunder design, trims it, and slims it. They cut corners, but in a good way. The sides of the gun have been melted and trimmed to be snag-free. Everything has been melted and modified to enhance concealment for deep carry.

Rethinking Handgun Lasers

Lasers aren't a miracle cure to inaccuracy, but they can be a very effective tool on guns with sights that are lacking. It takes training, practice, and effort, but I was impressed at the immediate difference a laser made in my shooting and might slap one of my P32.

.380 ACP Accuracy: Does Barrel Length Help?

Does barrel length impact the accuracy potential of the .380 ACP cartridge? Probably. Let's take a look.

Small of Back Carry: Unsafe at Any Speed

When it comes to concealed carry, we tend to focus a lot on guns and gear. But where that gear will be deployed from is equally important. There are many modes of carry on different body parts and plenty of holster/gun combinations to make it easy. However, at least one concealed carry position should never be done if possible: SOB or small-of-back carry.

The Streamlight TLR-7 Sub: Concealable Illumination

If you’re looking for a light to upgrade your subcompact, maybe give the Streamlight TLR-7 Sub a look. It might be just the thing.

Carrying Guns in Backpacks: Is This a Good Idea?

There was a time when I would say never carry a gun that isn’t on your body. But times change and now I find myself often using a backpack for carrying and concealing a firearm.

Top 9mm Concealed Carry Pistols with Adequate Capacity

Despite the trend toward longer EDC guns, many still prefer to carry as small a gun as possible. These all are easily concealed, but still hold more than 10 rounds. Here are my top-5 guns for dedicated concealed carry.

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