Best Gun Belts for OWB or IWB Carry

Although a holster is an extremely important piece of the puzzle for carrying your handgun, our choice of gun belt is also vital.

Top 5 EDC Guns That Aren’t 9mm

Looking for a concealed carry gun for EDC that isn't chambered in 9mm? There are options. Today we'll look at guns from rimfire up to the .45 ACP.

Handgun Sights: How Important Are They?

While it may seem absurd to ask about the importance of handgun sights, you'd be surprised at the role they play — or don't — in hitting the target and how well you shoot with them.

Why I’d Rather Carry a .22 LR Over a .380 ACP

You might laugh at the idea of using .22 LR over .380 ACP for self-defense, but please give me a chance to explain. Admittedly, I wouldn't choose .22 LR in every situation, but in a very specific scenario, I think the .22 LR is a better option than .380 ACP.

Top 5 EDC Guns Small Enough to Conceal, but Big Enough to Use

How big is too big? For some readers, the guns on this top-5 list of do-it-all EDC guns are impractical for in-waistband-carry. The rest of us, though, now have some exceptional options for concealed carry.

10mm: A Rational and Ballistic Examination for Civilian Self Defense

The 10mm still provides a reliable high-power handgun round in a semi-automatic platform with near 9mm capacities in similar guns. The question is: how quickly and accurately can you fire a 10mm version compared to a 9mm version? 

Full Review: FN Reflex CCW 9mm Handgun

The FN Reflex is a different take on most CCW pistols with its hammer-fired design. Overall, it's a shooter and worth looking into for adding to your CCW collection.

Keeping the Gun Hand Empty: Does it Matter?

Many of us are taught in defensive shooting to keep our gun hand empty. Does it really matter? Let's find out through a mix of testing and discussion on keeping the gun hand empty.

Concealed Carry Don’ts: Practice, Train, and Carry Safely

The biggest "do" for concealed carry is to actually carry your gun. I've seen too many people get all excited about carrying a firearm and do so for a few weeks. Then they stop. They get a little uncomfortable, a little lazy. Don't do that. Carry your gun wherever you legally can.

Building Situational Awareness: Remain Vigilant

Situational awareness is an important part of self defense. Many of us spend too much time of buried in a phone or other tasks. Here's how to remain vigilant.

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