Concealed Carry: Why I Stopped & How I Started Again

I didn’t always concealed carry, and up until a few years ago, I didn't carry on a regular basis. Here's why I started carrying again and how.

Concealed Carry for Women — Wearing What You Want

Concealed carry for women is different than what it is for men. Amber from FieldCraft Survival shows how to tweak your wardrobe for success.

Odd, Weird, and Bizarre Concealed Carry Guns

What are some of the most bizarre concealed carry guns? Are any of them effective? You're sure to appreciate the creativity of the guns that made this list.

Concealed Carry: What Is It and Is It Legal?

Concealed carry is a major responsibility. This guide is meant to help you understand how to carry and use your gun and explain relevant laws.

AIWB: Is it a Safe Way to Carry Your Gun?

If there’s one method of carry that tends to get a bad rap, it’s AIWB. Is it safe or not? The answer is yes and no, and we'll explain why.

The MPTC Concealed Carry Qual — Conceal It

Rarely do we see police training qualifications that successfully cross over to the concealed carry world. The MPTC Back-Up Gun Qual works well with concealed carry handguns.

Five Best Concealed Carry 9mm Handguns

Selecting the best concealed carry 9mm is a matter of finding what works for you and going from there. Here's our top five.

Concealed Carry Comparison: Glock 43X vs 48

Glock 43X vs 48: what are the differences, why are there differences, and how does this affect someone's choice about which to carry?

Motorcycle Concealed Carry: Going Heeled on Two Wheels

Concealed carry on a bike: you have some options, but need to think it through. Motorcycle gun holster? Motorcycle concealed carry vest? Let's discuss.

Best Concealed Carry Gun Quandary: Questions Answered

What's the best concealed carry gun? This right answer is actually the simplest one...but simple things are sometimes complex.

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