JAKL 5.56 vs AR-15

In general, the long-stroke piston (like the AK-47) is more reliable than other systems. A rifle with this system will generally continue to cycle and fire correctly regardless of how dirty the gun gets. It also shoots cleaner than a gas impingement system, but it comes at a cost. Long-stroke piston systems tend to kick more and are not as accurate.

Winchester’s 9422 XTR: A Little Lever In .22LR

Had we been headed to the field, we'd have each stuffed a couple hundred rounds into our coat pockets, which brings me to another of the .22's advantages - its light weight and compact size allow a lot of ammunition to be carried around easily. Such are the wonderful aspects of the .22 round.

Extar EP-9 And S&W Response: Polymer PCCs

The S&W Response uses the same straight blowback design that's very familiar to anyone who has ever fired a 9mm AR-15. It's the most common PCC system and is well-proven. The EP-9 Carbine uses what they call a mass-delayed blowback system.

Taurus Model 62 Pump Action .22 Rifle Review

Before my friend introduced me to it, I had never heard of the Model 62 rifle from Taurus. He simply handed it to me during one of our shooting sessions, and I began plinking away happily at little steel silhouette targets. After I'd emptied the magazine, I began looking over the rifle, and was a little shocked when I saw that it was Taurus; I didn't realize that they make rimfire rifles. But make them they do!

Taurus 85 Total Titanium: A Quality Revolver

The little wheel gun functioned well at the range, as expected. The recoil was stout but manageable.

Sig Sauer P365: Will It Trip Your Trigger?

I immediately bought an optional 12-round magazine, which extends the grip slightly, making it very easy to get a solid, comfortable purchase on the Sig Sauer P365.

The FN Reflex Vs. Springfield’s Hellcat: There’s A Clear Winner

Today, we'll be pitting two micro-9mm pistols – the Springfield Hellcat and the FN Reflex – against each other to consider their differences and attributes. After we put them through their paces, we'll declare a winner. You will likely be surprised at who the winner is; the decision is very clear-cut for me.

The Battle of the Subcompacts: S&W Shield Plus vs. Springfield Hellcat

The Smith & Wesson Shield Plus and Springfield Armory Hellcat are both quality micro-compact pistols well-suited for concealed carry needs. While the Hellcat costs considerably more and offers a few high-tech bells and whistles, the Shield Plus delivers impressive capacity and shootability in a smaller package without breaking the bank. Ultimately, it comes down to budget and personal preferences.

HM Defense AR-15 Rifles: A Superior Design?

HM Defense uses forged 7075-T6 lower receivers with Type III Class II hard-coat, black anodized finish. The upper receiver is made from 7075-T6 M4 aluminum with the same anodized finish as the lower. My Raider MC5 has M4 feed ramps and standard 1913 rail on top.

Generations of Marlin Lever-Action Rifles

Modern Marlin lever actions benefit from all the advances in technology over time. That means not only are they backed by centuries of experience on Marlin’s part but they’re well-made, reliable, and durable.

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