Sig Sauer Cross STX: Long-Range Precision

The new Sig Sauer Cross-STX bolt-action rifle is a lightweight platform specifically designed to excel at longer ranges. Check out the features!

EAA MC 14T by Girsan: Tip-Up Ingenuity

Thanks to a proprietary Tip-Up design, the all-new MC 14T is made to speed up the loading process for shooters with compromised hand strength or function.

Rock River Arms Operator DMR: Dedicated Use Rifles

The Rock River Arms Operator DMR family of rifles includes six guns chambered in 308 Winchester or 223 Remington and is designed for serious shooters looking for the ideal defensive long gun.

Derya TM22 LA Lever Action .22lr Carbine

This lever action .22lr rifle from Derya, a Turkey-based division of IWI, is the only one on the market that is magazine fed. Yes, you read that right.

Arex Delta Gray Wolf: Tactical Quality

If you're looking for a handgun designed with an eye for serious tactical applications, Arex, a Slovenian-based firearms manufacturer, might have something for you.

H&K SFP9CC Micro-Compact: “One-and-a-Half Stack” 9mm

If you're interested in micros, you'll be interested in the latest announcement from Heckler & Koch: the micro-compact SFP9CC.

Jacob Grey JG10 Warthog: AR-10 Awesomeness

The Jacob Grey JG10 Warthog line of DPMS pattern, AR-10 platform guns runs the gamut from pistols to rifles and includes multiple calibers.

The Five Best New Bolt Guns On the Market

Bolt guns are boring. Well, no not really. In fact, bolt guns can be plenty awesome! Here are five examples of innovative and awesome new bolt guns.

Tisas 1911 D10 — A Series 70 1911 Chambered in 10mm

Interested in 10mm Auto 1911 platform handguns? Tisas 1911 D10 model is chambered in 10mm and has a host of features 1911 fans should love.

CZ Varmint Precision Chassis MTR in .22LR

CZ has upgraded the 457 Varmint Precision Trainer MTR to include the 457 Varmint Precision Chassis MTR in 22 LR.

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