Eve Flanigan is a lifelong gun enthusiast and licensed concealed carry instructor based in the American Southwest. She is a working armed guard and licensed armed guard instructor and the author of Ready to Defend:  Tips for Living the Armed Lifestyle. She enjoys hiking, spending time with her animals, and baking.

Mixing it Up: New Bond Arms, Revolvers, and a Chronograph

In the last couple of months, it's been my good fortune to test rimfire versions of the Stinger Fireball and Honey B models. These new(ish) guns reflect Bond Arms' responsiveness to customer requests for both chambering and grip design. Lately, I've had the opportunity to shoot both of these little guns and found them enjoyable.

Meet the Walther PDP: A Flagship Series

Walther Arms seems to have hit a lick with striker-fired 9mm pistols after a short-lived start or two on now-discontinued models. Their Performance Duty Pistol (PDP) series is a growing collection of high-quality, shootable guns that are gaining attention from competition, defensive, and law enforcement shooters.

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