Preparation for Long-Term to Permanent Disruptions: It Takes a Village, or Does It?

Your long-term disruption preparedness plans may include a small group of trusted individuals, or a large community. Both require planning, coordination, and honest appraisal of skills, supplies, and needs.

Emergency Preparation: 10 More Books for Your Preparation Library

As you plan for any level of emergency, part of that plan should be a library of printed books to help direct your efforts and to support or provide needed emergency skills.

Emergency Preparation: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

There are many lists and guides to emergency preparation, but for longer-term disasters, the rule is that if you can’t make it or have it stockpiled, you won’t have it.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Grab a Gun Its Time to Go

Picking a gun to grab in emergencies shouldn’t be a problem, but if you haven’t planned, it could become one. Having multiple guns to choose from is a great problem to have. But we must remember it can be a real problem.

Is It Bad To Be a Prepper?

A prepper could be anyone who plans and prepares for something. But let’s face it, the term “prepper” has taken on its own meaning.

Get Home Bag, Bugout Bag: What About an EDC Bag?

An everyday carry bag (EDC bag) is different from a bug-out or get-home bag. It's a great bag to use daily, and not just for emergencies. Let's take a look at the benefits.

Load n’ Go: How to Load, Store, and Deploy Magazines for Emergencies and Drills

Storing your mags for quick deployment and use makes sense on so many levels. There are a number of ways to successfully and easily organize and store your loaded mags. Let's shine a light on a few.

Ammo Cans, Plastic Totes, and Basement Shelves: What’s the Best Way to Store Ammo?

Three common methods of storing ammo include: ammunition cans, plastic totes, and shelves. Which method is the most effective?

Charity Bags: What Are They and What Are They For?

Why should charity bags be a part of your emergency preparedness? In short, they can help protect your resources and reduce the likelihood of conflict.

Emergency Preparation: Differing Lengths of Disruption

Disruptions in services can be categorized as temporary, intermediate, long-term, and permanent. Here's what to consider in your preparations for each type.

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