207 — Winning The Tactical Games with National Champion Jacob Heppner

Ever wonder what it's like to be one the fittest people in the entire world? Maybe, but have you ever considered what it takes to reach that level, and then transition that status into new endeavors? Well, our own Jeremy Stone visited world-class CrossFitter and Tactical Games National Champion, Jacob Heppner, to find out.

206 — Behind the Scenes of Garand Thumb with Micah and Charlie

This episode of the podcast airs from an “undisclosed location” in the Pacific Northwest, probably meaning Washington State and likely near some Sasquatch village.

205 — Three Gun Champion Jack Copeland

It’s podcast time again, and this month Gun Mag Warehouse’s Jeremy Stone sits down with 2-time National Three-Gun Champion Jack Copeland. The podcasts are always fun and informative, and this one is no different. Jeremy and Jack talk about much more than Three-Gun in their hour together. Here’s a brief rundown of their conversation to […]

204 – Removing Intimidation with Sidewinder Concepts

GunMag Warehouse’s Jeremy Stone is back with an interesting new podcast after a short hiatus. This month, Jeremy takes on long range precision shooting with Adrian from Sidewinder Concepts. Adrian is a former US Army sniper who wrapped up his service in June of 2022. Sidewinder Concepts is based near Houston, Texas and the fledgling […]

203 — Performance on Demand “Milspec Mojo”

GunMag Warehouse’s Jeremy Stone is back with another entertaining and information-packed Mag Life Podcast. This month, Jeremy sits down with YouTube gun guy and real-life cop, Milspec Mojo. Mojo is widely known as one of the top firearms guys on the internet, especially when it comes to fundamentals. Those fundamentals translate into lightning operations skills, […]

202 — Hunter Constantine’s Baptism by Fire

In this month's podcast, Jeremy sits down with USPSA Grandmaster Hunter Constantine to discuss his meteoric rise in the sport and what it takes to develop and maintain good shooting skills.

201 — Entering the LARP Lair “Administrative Results”

This month, Jeremy had Administrative Results on the podcast to talk about kit, history, and how to be a better man.

200 — Good People Make a Big Difference “Ninebanger” Part Two

Good instructors, training techniques, mentality, first aid training in firearms classes, and more with Brandon Bridge and Daniel Shaw. 

199 — Brandon Bridge – “Ninebanger” Average Joes

Otherwise known as Nine Banger and Possum Puncher, these guys from Average Joes Firearms Training Group join Daniel in today's podcast.

198 — Precision Rifle Shooting

What are the benefits of precision rifle shooting? How do you get started and how do you grow in it? Listen in for these answers and more.

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