Mag Orientation: Does it Matter?

How do you carry your spare magazines? Bullets forward or bullets to the rear? Here's some considerations on how to carry your mags that may help your reload be a little faster.

Shooting Target Types: Pros and Cons

Targets are like anything else when it comes to guns; you need to find the right target for your purpose. A good shooting target can go a long way, and you should most certainly choose a target that matches your goals.

Shooting One-Handed: Why It’s Important for Concealed Carry

You may be wondering what combat and bullseye accuracy have to do with one-handed shooting. Both hands are needed for better accuracy and control of the weapon. Because of this, we tend to disregard shooting with one hand.

What’s Your EDC Need? Practical Advice for the Average Person

If you're new to this whole EDC thing, I thought we could break down some practical advice on what an EDC is and some advice on what's practical and what's not. You won't see trinkets or machetes here, so if that's your jive, look somewhere else. We are talking about a proper EDC, one that's practical and might include items you haven't considered in the past that can help you in a wide variety of situations.

Handgun Optic Pairing: Aimpoint ACRO P-2 and Glock 49

Is the Glock 49 and Aimpoint ACRO P-2 is the ultimate combination for your concealed carry rig? Let's check it out.

The Plate Carrier Part 2: Running and Gunning

So, you have your plate carrier set up. How do you go about using it and what should you consider when running one? Here's a few suggestions.

Cleaning Brushes and Cleaning Picks: You Need Some

Picks and brushes are cleaning essentials, and you'll need them sooner rather than later if you shoot for any length of time.

The Plate Carrier Part 1: Getting Started

The plate carrier is for more than just law enforcement and military. It serves a valuable role, but how do you set one up? There's more to it than hanging stuff off it.

Berretta Mag Eating Chiappa M1-9: Field Stripping and Cleaning

If you are not sure how to do a basic field strip of your Chiappa M1-9, don't worry. This article will guide you through the basic process.

.22LR Semi-Auto Pistol: One Gun Every Gun Owner Should Own

A quality .22LR semi-auto pistol belongs in every gun owner's collection. If you don't yet own a .22LR pistol, do yourself a favor and pick one up soon. Your marksmanship and your budget will thank you.

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