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About the Sig Sauer P365

Trusted by CCW permit holders and personal defense shooters nationwide, the Sig Sauer® P365 is a striker-fired, micro-compact semi-auto pistol, designed to deliver deep concealment and snag-free carry in any self-defense application. Built around an advanced polymer frame with a lightweight, slimline trigger, the P365 offers incredible stopping power, packed in a lightweight and concealable package. The P365 boasts a short, yet reliable 3.1” barrel and a reinforced slide and frame, engineered to withstand the heavy recoil of 9mm +P ammunition without forfeiting concealability or comfort.

What is the difference between P365 and P365X?

The size of the grip and frame is the biggest difference between the P365 and P365X. The P365 features a 5.8"L x 4.3"H micro-compact frame, while the P365X is slightly larger, coming in at 6"L x 4.8"H. With the larger frame of the P365X comes a slightly larger grip for improved ergonomics and carry capacity.

The P365X also comes equipped with an optics-ready slide and an improved X-series combat trigger for improved reliability in defensive and tactical shooting applications.

What magazines are compatible with the P365?

The P365 is compatible with a variety of factory and aftermarket magazines, including anything from a 10-round factory P365 magazine for the CCW permit holder to a 50-round aftermarket drum mag for those interested in running rapid-fire drills and torture tests.

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