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Red Army Standard

Red Army Standard

Imported by Century Arms®, Red Army Standard® is the ultimate Russian-made ammunition for the true firearms aficionado. From our sealed primer and boat-tailed 7.62x39 AK rounds that are considered some of the finest in the world to the new aggressively priced RAS white box packaged steel-cased target .223 Remington and .308 Winchester ammo, specifically engineered for those long days on the range, every Red Army Standard cartridge is backed by the reliability the American market has come to know and love. Founded in 2012, Red Army Standard ammunition is produced to superior specs and standards and is favored by AK, SKS, and other soviet-caliber shooters nationwide.

At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a wide selection of Red Army Standard products at a price anyone can afford. Shop our full selection today and save big on your next trip to the range with your AK, SKS, PSL, and other Soviet-era weapons.

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