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Standard Manufacturing Switch-Gun in .22LR

Connecticut-based Standard Manufacturing has expanded its line of folding .22 caliber revolvers with a version chambered in the ubiquitous .22LR cartridge. The Switch-Gun was originally released in .22 WRM, but is now labeled as 22 Multi with different cylinders available to be interchanged. Features of the Switch Gun: Frame and Barrel: CNC Machined Stainless Steel […]

The Blunderbuss and Thanksgiving

If you Google what a Pilgrim looked like, you'll likely find a mix of realistic paintings and cartoonish portrayals that include a blunderbuss. But is it true? Did the men who rode the Mayflower come armed with these massive weapons?

The Interview: Part 3

In this final installment of our series on conflict, we'll look at what happens when the "interview" seems to be absent and things escalate. This is the stage where talk has ended and it's time to Not be nice.

Top 5 Rifles for Kids: Growing Up Guns

Once your child has learned the basics of safe firearms handling, it's time to consider branching out with more guns. Check out our top 5 rifles for kids. From bolt-actions to ARs, there's something for all skill levels and sizes.

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