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CrossBreed Holsters Announces New Rogue Holster System

CrossBreed Holsters recently announced the release of their new Rogue Holster System. Check out all the features!

Why 5.7? || 5.7×28 vs 5.56x45mm

Some people are just now discovering the 5.7x28 round thanks to some newer like the CMMG Banshee. But how does it stack up against the 5.56?

Shadow Systems Introduces Their New XR920

The Shadow Systems XR920 is a crossover pistol with a full-sized frame and compact length slide while packing a full 17+1 capacity.

MasterPiece Arms Announces the Addition of the DS9 Commander

American firearms manufacturer MasterPiece Arms (MPA), located in Comer, GA. announced recently they have added the DS9 Commander to their 1911 pistol line. While you can order this now, this double stack 1911 in 9mm very likely won’t arrive in time for Christmas this year. They are indicating approximately 6-10 weeks for delivery. MPA DS9 […]

The JP5 Roller Delayed PCC — If Stoner and Hans had a Baby

The JP5 from JP enterprises brings roller delayed technology to the AR PCC platform. It's a superb competition PCC and one helluva gun.

Concealed Carry 101 with Mike Pannone

Concealed carry: from holster types to gun belts and which caliber, there's a lot to consider. Here are Mike Pannone's tips for success.

The APC9K — The Lexus of 9mm Subguns

The APC9K from B&T is the ballerest PCC/Subgun. This little fella brings compact firepower wrapped up in a premium Swiss package.

Strike Industries Releases Their New AR Picatinny Stock Adapter

The new stock adapter allows you to mount a 1913 Picatinny interface stock/stabilizer assembly where normally the receiver extension is attached.

The Top Six Normal Guns With Weird Features

I appreciate creative firearms designers. Sometimes they create truly revolutionary weapons that change the world. Sometimes they make silly weapons that give me a laugh and something to write about. Other times — and these are rarest times —they create regular guns with weird features. I’ve gathered six relatively normal firearms with some peculiar characteristics. […]

Galaxy’s Edge Convergence: It’s Still A Dumpster Fire Out There

The galaxy is STILL a dumpster fire - and that's why you need the legion. Convergence (book #13 of the Galaxy's Edge series) is out!

Keen Insights: The Buck 110—Nothing Subtle About It

The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is a classic that is as useful today as it was six decades ago when Buck Knives bet the farm on the design. Brass, wood, and steel.

Elite Survival Systems Pistol Cases

Need a reasonably priced pistol case for yourself or a loved one? Elite Survival Systems has some economical options with lots of features.

TFBTV: Sig Sauer MCX in 5.56

Sig MCX pistols and rifles have an almost cult-like status thanks to their versatility and reliable function. So why are they so popular?

Agilite Introduces AG Pouches

Agilite's new line of AG Pouches, the AG1 5.56 single mag pouch and the AG3 5.56 triple mag pouch are made for one-handed use.

How Electronic Hearing Protection Works

Is electronic hearing protection the same thing as active noise canceling? Do you risk hearing loss if you use it? Let's find out how it works.

What the AA19 Does Better than the Glock 19

The AA19 from Adams Arms might be the best Glock clone ever created. What it does better than a standard Glock 19? Read to find out!

Why a Revolver?

Revolvers are outdated. If you’re offended by that statement, please vent your frustration in the comments and change my mind. I mean, you’d do that anyhow, but it’s nice to have permission. But before you get all fired up, read a little further. They might be outdated in terms of capacity and, to a lesser […]

Glock 19X — Premier Combat Masterpiece!

In this day and age of micro-compact carry pistols, why would I choose a Glock 19X as my next handgun? Plenty of reasons! Read more.

Hellacious Upgrades: Hellcat Accessories and Hellcat Holster Options

Do you prefer any Springfield Hellcat accessories? What Hellcat Holster do you use? That's not a rhetorical question. OWB, IWB? Upgraded trigger? Magazine extensions? Help with this list!

CMMG’s FourSix — the AR in 4.6x30mm

CMMG announced today the release of the FourSix, the first-ever AR to hit the civilian market chambered in 4.6x30mm. More about the CMMG FourSix With an impressive 40-round magazine capacity, light recoil, and great penetration at close distances, CMMG’s FourSix is here to reimagine the Personal Defense Weapon. The 4.6x30mm round is best known for […]

American Tactical Announces Their FXS-9

American Tactical, Inc. recently announced the release of their FXS-9 striker fire 9mm pistol, calling it a great choice for EDC.

More Mucho M&P: the 10mm M2.0

The MP10mm M2.0 is a new 10mm handgun in the Military and Police (M&P) line of pistols from Smith and Wesson.

CZ-USA Announces Their CZ 600 Series Bolt-Action Rifles

CZ-USA says these additions are part of a radical generational upgrade of [their] centerfire rifle product line. Check out the lineup!

Is Your Gun Talking to You?

Ever take the time to listen to your gun? I don’t mean the loud “bang” that we protect our ears from. I mean paying attention to its operation.

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