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Do KCI USA Mags Suck?

KCI magazines have a reputation for reliability despite the numbers on the sticker. Jeremy Stone did some testing for out-of-the-box performance as well as some moderate stress testing to see if they're worth buying, and to answer the question: Do KCI USA Mags Suck?

Daniel Defense: A Look Behind the Curtain

When Daniel Defense came on the scene in 2000, its main goal was to create custom accessories for the owner’s personal rifles. What the company has become now is far larger than that simple dream. In the past 23 years, Daniel Defense has taken that first goal and built a firearms powerhouse.

GunMag 101: Is Your Optic Weatherproof?

When you’re optic shopping you spend a lot of time considering cost, clarity, and eye relief. You want the best possible glass for the money, but have you stopped to consider how the optic in question will handle the weather? Consider this your cold-weather optics primer.

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