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Five Favorite 1911 Holster Options for Everyday Carry

With today’s modern touch to some 1911 pistols, many 1911 pistols are made from lighter materials, different sizes, and calibers. But the real trick to carrying a 1911 around every day is having a good holster. Over the years, I’ve tried many different 1911 holsters, and I’ve narrowed my search down to a few that seem to work for me. I’m sure there are plenty of other great options out there, but I've compiled a list of a few that I have used regularly over the years.

Introducing the New Watchtower Spec-Ops Type 15

Watchtower Firearms is a new veteran-owned firearms manufacturer located in the gun-friendly area of Spring, Texas. Their facility specializes in AR platform rifles, with a share of 2011s and suppressors thrown in for good measure. In 2024, Watchtower rolled out its semi-custom Type 10 Spec Ops—their take on the AR-10 in .308 Winchester. Now, Watchtower is following it up with the Type 15 Spec Ops in either 5.56 NATO or .223 Wylde.

Head To Head: Walther PPS M2 vs FN Reflex

Both Walther and Fabrique Nationale are well-known names in the firearms industry, and both have trusted histories and some great firearms to their credit. Today, we'll be pitting pistols from each of these manufacturers against each other to see if one is better than the other.

Always Be Prepared: Why a Tactical Flashlight Belongs in Your Pocket

Remember, a tactical flashlight is just one element of preparedness. Consider taking self-defense classes, learning basic survival skills, and keeping a well-stocked first-aid kit. By being proactive, you can navigate life’s unexpected challenges with confidence. So, next time you head out the door, remember to slip a tactical flashlight into your pocket. It might just be the ray of light you need.

New for Teal Hunters: Winchester XPERT High Velocity Steel

Teal are light, nimble birds known for their high-speed acrobatics. For the bird hunter, their lead has to be equally as fast and tight. The load to hit them with cannot be lethargic either. The XPERT load is currently available in 12-gauge with the choice of either a standard 2.75-inch or 3-inch Magnum shell. Both pack a payload of 1.125 ounces of No. 6 steel bird shot. This size of shot is ideal for teal and other smaller ducks and game birds. The smaller shot size also facilitates a denser pattern compared to more popular No. 4 shot loads.

Streamlight TLR RM 2: Full Review

This is my first time using the TLR RM 2 light, but it appears to be a solid light. During other reviews, I have put their lights through multiple reliability tests. These include dropping them on concrete, freezing them, submerged in water, etc. At some point, I will put this light through the same tests, but I have no doubt it will hold up just fine.

Why Outdoor Firearms Training is Better Than Indoor

The decision to conduct firearms training indoors or outdoors can significantly impact the quality and effectiveness of the training. While indoor ranges have some advantages, the benefits of training outdoors generally outweigh those of an indoor setting. From improved realism and safety to more flexibility and a more authentic simulation of real-world conditions, outdoor firearms training provides numerous advantages that make it the superior choice in most situations.

Winchester: All Time Greatest Guns

The rifle's success ensured its production in nearly every modern rifle cartridge, including everything from the .22 Hornet to the massive .470 Capstick. To this day, rifles like the FN SPR and PBR are based on the Model 70. It's still in production with what's left of Winchester.

Revolver Reloads Part 6: Without Speedloaders

In the last five installments, we’ve shown the revolver reloads of FBI, FLTEC, and StressFire, and one-hand only reloads with either hand. We all know the speedloader or moon clip is the fastest way to reload a wheelgun, and we used the speedloader to illustrate those five installments. Alas, some people find speedloaders too bulky and inconvenient for concealed carry. This forces the revolver user to go with something more concealable but slower. Let’s explore the options, working from slowest to fastest.

B5 Systems Adds Accessories for Retro ARs

B5 Systems is the central name in AR-15 accessories, from trigger guards to buttstocks to handguards. For those who prefer the simpler aesthetic of a retro CAR-15 or want to add vintage features to their contemporary M4 platform, consider B5 Systems' new line of Retro accessories.

Daniel Defense DDM4 A1 RIII: Worth the Price Tag?

Besides the bare bones, the DDM4 also comes with a Daniel Defenses “Grip-N-Rip” charging handle. This is an extended charging handle made from 7075-T6 aluminum with stainless steel roll pins. I like the size of the charging handle because it sticks out just enough to get a good grip on it without catching on things.

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