The “Gun Show Loophole” Myth

Effective propaganda is difficult to counter. The other side says three words that convey their message. We have to explain how private sales work and probably how dealer sales work, too. We don’t have a sympathetic media to debunk their nonsense, but we can educate people we know. I’m not saying you should preach the “gun show loophole myth” gospel, but you can correct people who mention it.

13 Attorneys General Threaten Lawsuits Against Glock

We reported last week that the City of Chicago is suing Glock over auto sears, also known as “Glock switches.” Now, 13 attorneys general, led by New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin, have contacted Glock, informing the company of their intention to file similar suits of their own.

Virginia Governor Vetoes Widespread Gun Control

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin recently vetoed 30 anti-gun bills and amended several others, ending the threat of further gun control for the current legislative session.

Constitutional Carry vs. Shall Issue: What’s the Difference?

Concealed carry laws can sometimes be confusing. States do things in different ways, and even localities can have their own laws in some states. We can’t address local laws, but we can help you out with state licensing regimes. Keep in mind that these are basic definitions, and you are responsible for knowing each state’s nuances.

Judge Ruled California Residents Can Buy More Than One Gun a Month

Residents in the most populous state will no longer be limited to purchasing a single firearm in a 30-day period. On Monday, a federal judge struck down the California law, saying it violated the Second Amendment, while he rejected historical comparisons.

Wyoming Lawmakers Look to Halt Credit Card Tracking of Gun Sales As California Efforts Move Forward

Earlier this month, the major credit card companies announced plans to make a merchant code available for firearm and ammunition retailers to comply with a new California law that will allow banks to potentially track suspicious gun purchases and report them to law enforcement.

Remington Says Goodbye to New York

Remington is not the first or only gun manufacturer to close its operations in the region for states in the south. Smith & Wesson moved from Springfield, Massachusetts – where the company had been located since 1852 – to Tennessee in 2023.

NSSF Score Legal Victory in California

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has won an important victory against the state of California. US District Judge Andrew Schopler granted the NSSF’s request for a preliminary injunction against the enforcement of California AB (Assembly Bill) 1594, which allows for frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers when criminals misuse their products.

2A Roundup for February 2024

It’s been a while since we covered any significant Second Amendment news. Nothing Earth-shattering has happened, but there’s lots of movement. Those movements could portend some very good news this year. So, let’s look at what’s happening right now, and maybe take a peek at the old crystal ball.

How Does Anti-Gun Legislation Affect Lawful Gun Owners?

Lawful gun owners, by definition, follow the law. Likewise, criminals are criminals because they break the law, either deliberately or because they simply don’t care. But how, exactly, does that play out? Do gun control laws really impact responsible gun owners negatively, or are we just making noise?

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