Federal Judge Allows Pistol Brace Rule to Proceed

A Federal Judge has denied a preliminary injunction against the ATF's Final Rule on Pistol Braces, but the case will continue.

California “Safe Handgun” Roster Ruled Unconstitutional

A Federal Judge has ruled key elements of California's "Safe Handgun Roster" to be unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Against ATF in Polymer80 Case

A Federal Judge has granted Polymer80’s request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) and preliminary injunction against the ATF over the latter’s Final Rule on Frames and Receivers, as well as the agency’s infamous Open Letter on December 27, 2022. In his decision, Judge Reed O’Connor of the Northern District of Texas wrote that “ATF’s new definition of ‘frame or receiver’… is facially unlawful.”

“When is Enough, Enough?” Congressional Hearing on the ATF Pistol Brace Rule

The hearing’s stated purpose was to examine recent policy overreaches by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive (ATF) and how those policies impact lawful gun owners and businesses. Here's how it went.

Joe Biden’s Anti-Gun Executive Order: What You Need to Know

Let’s break down Biden's Anti-Gun Executive Order and talk about what it is, what it purports to do, and what it will not do.

Suppressor Ban Lawsuit Filed in Illinois

Two residents of Illinois have decided to stand up and push back against what they feel is an unfair law, one which they argue goes against their Second Amendment right to bear arms. Here are the details of the suppressor ban lawsuit that was filed yesterday.

Should Firearms Training Be Required for Politicians?

Senate Bill 2106 would require members of the General Assembly to complete firearm training, range safety officer training, and a basic test on calibers and gauges before proposing any gun legislation.

Senate Democrats Launch “Gun Violence Prevention Caucus”

Eight Senate Democrats have formed the “Gun Violence Prevention Caucus,” to “promote commonsense solutions to battle the epidemic of gun violence plaguing the United States.”

ATF Brace Ban Under Scrutiny

Several lawsuits have been filed since the ATF rule 2021R-08F ban on stabilizing braces was announced in early February. Here's the current rundown.

Suppressor Ban Defeated in New Mexico With Help From ASA

The ASA was on the ground in New Mexico on February 6th to help strike down a provision in a senate bill that would ban suppressor ownership.

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