Red Oktober пять: Champion Kalashing

Red Oktober is the largest Kalashnikov-centric shooting competition and lifestyle event in the country. Got an AKM, AK47, AK74, or PPSh?

Rebelle Rally Contingency Program

The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid of its type in the U.S. — the ultimate road trip for adventurous, competitive women.

Kitfox Design Group: Lotsa Little PVC Blasters Available

Kitfox Design Group has set a new internal record for available morale patch designs: they're at nine, and they're looking to sell some.

BREAKING: Mexico Sues Major U.S. Gun Manufacturers

Mexico has filed a lawsuit against multiple US gun manufacturers including Ruger, Glock, Barrett, S&W, and Beretta. Can they even do that? Read about it here.

Lone Star Silencers: Made in Texas with Love

HB957, proposed by Texas Representative Tom Oliverson, may change thepopularity of Texas silencers - and the volume of shooting in Texas.

GunMag Training Division: Preparing for the Hard Part

GMT's training is more than firearms training and tactical training. It's all-around gun life instruction preparing you for "the hard part".

Danger Zone Auction 2021: Online for the Brian Terry Foundation

2021's Danger Zone Auction is a virtual, opt-in event open to the public. Get the most bespoke loot around and honor Brian Terry by doing so. Under New Management

Lightfighter is under new management. Tactics & Applications LLC has taken over the legacy firearms and tactics forum, and that's good news.

SHOT Show 2021: New Guns and Gear

SHOT Show 2021 On Demand was different than any previous SHOT. Check out this huge list of new guns, gear, accessories, ammo, and knives.

The 2020 Dumpster Fire Guns & Gear Celebration

Leviathan Group is celebrating the end of the dumpster fire that was 2020 (and of course the Christmas season) with their “Jingle All the Way” giveaway.  Rejoice, 2020 is almost over! Will 2021 be better? Probably not, but make it way more enjoyable with the Jingle All the Giveaway Prize Pack. You have a chance […]

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