SinterFire LE/Military Ammunition Available to Public

SinterFire is the largest manufacturer of lead-free and frangible ammo in the firearms industry, addressing concerns about lead and over-penetration.

Federal Premium Ammunition at 100 — A Century and Going Strong

Today marks 100 years for Federal Premium Ammunition. Here's the story behind the company and new developments as it moves toward the future.

Winchester Awarded US Army Ammo Contract

Winchester was awarded a contract to manufacture .38 caliber, .45 caliber, and 9mm ammunition with a potential value of $145,000,000.

Sig Sauer Next Generation Squad Weapon Selected by US Army

Sig Sauer's US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) contract includes the 6.8x51 FURY Hybrid Ammunition, SIG-LMG, MCX-SPEAR rifle, and the SLX Suppressor.

Faxon Firearms’ New 8.6 BLK Barrels

Faxon Firearms is building new 8.6 barrels for Remington 700 and AR10 platforms, combining their own expertise with the science and innovation of Q,

The Ukraine Second Amendment: Hypocrisy and Contradictions in the US

Much to the chagrin of gun control advocates, the so-called Ukraine Second Amendment is proving what gun owners have known all along - and providing ridiculous displays of contradiction and hypocrisy from even the loudest gun control activists.

WTF Washington? Do your part! Fight SB 5078

Listen up ya'll. Want To Free Washington? Or keep it free anyway? Then help us fight State Bill 5078 - we'll give ya $$$ to do it.

Ten’s the Limit? An Attempted Washington Magazine Ban

Ironic that the state bearing the very name of our first president (and his face on their flag) would seek to deny a fundamental American freedom. But they are, and they’re pushing an attempted Washington magazine ban hard.  Washington State Bill SB5078 passed the Senate in Olympia yesterday, on the road to a law prohibiting the sale […]

SAAMI Accepts Three New Rifle Cartridges for Standardization

SAAMI standardization promotes safety, reliability, & interchangeability of firearms, ammunition, and components. Which rounds were accepted?

Meta Tactical APEX: More than Glock Conversion Kit

Do you ever wake and think, "Oh man, I wish my Glock was a bullpup"? You just might when you see the Meta Tactical APEX Glock Conversion Kit.

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