The New Taurus 692 Executive Grade

Taurus has made solid yet affordable revolvers since opening up shop in 1941. Their Model 85 is the ubiquitous alternative to Smith & Wesson’s J-frame, and their Judge .45/.410 launched a new genre of handguns and more powerful shotshell ammunition to feed them. Several years ago, Taurus launched the Executive Grade line of tuned revolvers. As of 2024, the most recent addition to that lineup is the versatile Taurus 692.

taurus 692 executive grade
Taurus is expanding its Executive Grade line with the Model 692 .357/9mm revolver. [Taurus USA]

The Taurus 692 is an all-stainless steel medium-frame revolver. It is chambered for seven rounds of .357 Magnum and comes with a replaceable front sight and an adjustable rear. It also features a conventional wide-spurred hammer so the revolver can be cocked for a lighter single-action trigger pull, or fired from the hammer-down position for a heavier double-action pull. The one unique feature of the 692 is that it comes with an interchangeable cylinder/yoke assembly. With the press of a spring-loaded detent button on the right side, the cylinder, crane, and yoke come out of the revolver, and another assembly with a 9mm Luger cylinder is installed without the need for tools or gunsmithing. This allows you to shoot the potent .357 Magnum round, milder .38 Special loads, or more affordable 9mm ammo. In addition, you can skip speedloaders and speed strips as the 9mm cylinder is cut for moon clips.

The new Taurus 692 Executive Grade comes with the standard features consummate of the Executive Grade line. It comes with a hand-brushed stainless finish and presentation-style walnut grips. The grips have a hand-filling square butt and are relieved for the use of speedloaders. The front sight is a traditional yet visible removable gold beaded post, but the 3-inch barrel is ported for the best possible recoil control, especially when firing Magnum rounds. Finally, like the other revolvers in the Executive Grade lineup, the Model 692 Executive Grade features a tuned and stoned action for an effortless trigger pull that would take hundreds of rounds of range time to achieve on a stock revolver.

This new revolver in Taurus’s promising Executive Grade lineup is now available and has an MSRP of $1,106.99.

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