C&H Precision’s New ERD-1 Rifle RDS

C&H Precision has announced its newest addition to its optic line-up, the ERD-1 rifle red dot. Making its public debut at SHOT earlier this year, the new ERD-1 is the second of three optics to be added to the lineup.

Designed for use on weapons with Picatinny rails, the new ERD-1 offers a durable CNC-machined one-piece body and features consumers want, such as different brightness levels, easy adjustments, and long battery life. The unit has built-in shockproof and waterproof protection, along with the motion-activated shake-to-wake program and an auto-off function after 5 minutes of inactivity.

C&H Precision ERD-1 Rifle red dot optic
C&H Precision has announced the release of its newest rifle RDS, the ERD-1. The rifle RDS is designed to be mounted on a Pic rail has a 50,000-hour life, and 10 different brightness levels to choose from. [Photo: C&H Precision]
“Meticulously designed and extremely durable, the all-new ERD-1 is the pinnacle of marrying precision with strength,” said Buck Holly, owner of C&H Precision. “This rugged, large-windowed optic will be the perfect pair for any gas gun or pistol caliber carbine.”

While the ERD-1 has only a 1x magnification, it has a 27.5×36 millimeter lens and 45 MOA elevation and windage adjustment range, or 90 MOA total, with one click per MOA. The red dot is 2 MOA in size and a 56 MOA circle in a selectable multi-reticle. The system has ten different brightness levels, with the first two levels compatible with night vision and the remainder standard daylight levels. As an added bonus, the ERD-1 is parallax-free up to 100 yards.

The ERD-1 from C&H runs off a single CR2032 3V lithium battery and has a long 50,000-hour battery life. It has been purpose-built to withstand the tough conditions an outdoor enthusiast would encounter and continue to perform without adding too much size or weight. The unit weighs around 352 grams with the battery installed and is just 93.5mm x 44.3mm x 63.8 mm. The ERD-1 is available now from C&H Precision and has an MSRP of just $494.95.

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