Beretta’s New A300 RealTree Trace Blue Shotgun

Although pump-action shotguns are known for their reliability, semi-auto shotguns have come a long way. Beretta’s piston-operated A300 series is go-to-task reliable and has over fifty years of history to prove it. The Beretta A300 is available in any configuration for competition work, hunting, or tactical use. New for 2024 is the A300 Patrol RealTree Trace Blue.

beretta a300 realtree blue trace
Beretta USA is announcing a new RealTree Trace Blue finish to their excellent A300 Patrol shotgun. [Beretta USA]

The new Beretta A300 RealTree Trace Blue is a tribute to law enforcement and is available only through Beretta’s LE dealers. Beretta’s exclusive RealTree Trace Blue finish graces the shotgun from butt to muzzle, but otherwise, it is the same A300 semi-auto patrol shotgun that law enforcement, security personnel, and the shooting public have come to trust.

“Beretta USA is pleased to be launching this first of many yearly special editions for our law enforcement dealers and American Defender customers,” said Gabriele de Plano, VP for Law Enforcement and Defense Product Marketing, “The A300 Patrol is already extremely popular, and this limited edition only increases its collectability and uniqueness. It will sell out fast.”

The A300 Trace Blue comes equipped with a 19-inch cylinder bore barrel, a prominent front post sight, and a rear ghost ring paired with a section of Picatinny rail for mounting any number of red dots or optics. The polymer handguard is cut for M-LOK accessories like lasers and weapon lights. The A300 has an enlarged loading port and a full-length magazine tube with a 7-round capacity. It is a 12-gauge shotgun with a three-inch chamber, capable of firing standard 2.75-inch ammunition as well as magnum loads. But the heart of the system is its piston-operated action that is capable of cycling different power levels of ammunition while dampening felt recoil and muzzle flip associated with full-power 12-gauge ammo. 

The new A300 Trace Blue shotgun, which has an MSRP of $1,299, is now shipping to Beretta’s law enforcement dealers.

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